10 Space Food You Can Eat on Russian Part of the Earth

Yuri Gagarin, the first human who went to outer space, is said to have one important task in his trip. That task is: eating. Eating in space is no small matter, because cosmonauts have to eat even though they live “out of this world”, but they cannot eat just any dishes from earth. Space food […]

15 Interesting Facts of Russia For Kids

Russia is one of the developed countries. Russian language also includes international languages. The country surrounds nine time zones and has communities with different ethnicities. Around 70 years Russia is the one of the Soviet Union. That is a super-communist state. Even Russia was the ‘king of evil’ at that time. Since the cold war […]

12 Famous Facts About Russian Geography

Russia has always been an attractive country. Even Russia has some of the most titles in the world. Especially about the area. In addition to having a very wide area, it turns out that Russia’s geography is also an interesting thing to know. Russia is a fraction of the Soviet Union. Formerly this country was […]