Karavay; All You Need to Know About Russian Wedding Dish

The festive table is an integral part of the Russian wedding. No other country can compare with the Russian customs of a wedding feast, despite the fact that large-scale feasts for this special day are arranged everywhere in the world. The menu of the Russian wedding is characterized by an abundance of national dishes. Nowadays, […]

5 Rules to Make Home-Made Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a popular dish of Russian cuisine, made from chopped beef slices topped with spicy cream sauce. Beef stroganoff recipe was first created by a French chef who cooked for Count Stroganov. A delicate culinary masterpiece was quickly appreciated and more than once served at the count’s table. Nowadays, this dish is still […]

Shkhomchkhantkhups; a Hard-to-spell Russian Soup from Adygea

You have just read the title and probably wondering, “How do people order this soup in restaurants? It must take quite some time learning to pronounce it.” In contrary with the name, this soup is easy to make and the ingredients are quite simple. We will get to this later. As you have probably known […]

Creamy Karelian Salmon Soup; a Kind of Magical Russian Soup

Russia is rich with traditional cuisine. Its very vast territory gathers the abundance by nature that makes the national food could be so various with ingredients starting from fruits, fish, all kinds of meat, dairy products, and many more. One of the most common traditional foods from Russia is soup – many kinds of it. […]

Russian Meat Dishes That Can Be So Mouthwatering

Traditionally, meat was used very little in cooking in Russia until the 17th century. In Russian cuisine, various types of meat are used – pork, beef, lamb, poultry and all types of game (boar, elk, wild duck, hare, etc.) Religious prohibitions on the use of certain types of meat are absent; refrain from meat food […]

How Important is Vodka in Russian Food Serving?

Vodka with food? For many Westerners this might be an unusual combination, because they drink alcohol separately – although many of them love to have wine after meals. But in Scandinavia, Poland and the countries of the former USSR, where vodka is the national alcoholic beverage, it has been drunk for centuries with food. According […]

11 Awesome Facts about Russian Olivier Salad

When people think about salad, they would usually associate it with healthy diet or a bowl of fruits and vegetables with no carbohydrate or protein in it. But, did you know, the definition of salad is actually a dish of mixed small pieces of food. So, by saying food, salad can contain all sorts of […]

8 Kinds of Russian Piroshki That Should be tasted

Did you know that when you visit Russia there is a chance for you to have the same dish the whole day and for a full three-course meal too? Meet piroshki, the Russian hand pies that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner – as appetizers, main course, and desserts too. That is […]

Let’s Get to Know Russian Piroshki

When it comes to culinary, Russia offers a very wide range of traditional food and signature dishes. Some of them may taste and look quite challenging, while the others are quite familiar either because they have been known and well-spread around the globe or coming from the same family of dish – like blini that […]

3 Innovations of Blini That Will Make Your Breakfast Special

Blini, one of Russian’s traditional delicacies, date back to the pagan time before Christianity was introduced. Made from wheat or buckwheat flour and fermented milk, blini resemble regular pancakes or crepes. Russians eat them all the time, but especially during the Maslenitsa celebration at the end of freezing winter to welcome the spring and the […]