Throw Up Your Popcorn, These Russian Snacks Perfect for Movie Time

These Russian Snacks Perfectly Match Your Movie TimeFilm is one of the entertainment that is very popular with many people. Films always succeed in making the audience feel something different. Very great! Movies can change the feelings of the audience. Watching movies can also be done anywhere, not just in theaters. Technology really helps film lovers to get the latest movie they are looking for. In this modern era, movies can be watched on cellphones, laptops or TVs.

Watching movies is always accompanied by delicious snacks. How does it feel to watch a movie without putting food beside you? Of course, like eating vegetables without salt, it’s very tasteless. Enjoying delicious snacks while watching your favorite movie is certainly very exciting. In fact, many people arrange special schedules to carry out activities to entertain themselves by watching movies. And one of the most sought-after snacks for watchmate is popcorn. This snack made from corn has a varied taste and is perfect for anyone’s tongue. So this snack is a favorite of many people.

However, you can try replacing popcorn with other snacks as your watchmate. And the best choice you have to try is Russian snacks. Russian snacks vary in shape and taste. The taste of Russian food does not need to be doubted. You will definitely replace your popcorn with Russian snacks because it tastes very delicious and is suitable as your new  watching friend . The taste of Russian snacks will not disappoint your tongue and damage your spare time. In this article, we will recommend some of Russia’s best snacks to accompany you to watch a movie. Throw up your popcorn, these Russian snacks perfectly match your movie time.

  1. Sushki

The first snack that can replace popcorn as your watchmate is sushki. Sushki is a ring-shaped dry bread. Sushki is a traditional Russian food that is still very popular today. This snack is the smallest size of baranka. The thickness of the ring bread is only about half a centimeter, in diameter 3 cm to 5 cm. Its mini size makes sushki very popular with children and even adults, because it is easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the small size makes the sushki easy to get into your mouth.

Sushki is made from wheat mixed with water, sugar, salt, and sometimes mixed with milk. And as a topping, they usually add poppy seeds on top. The hardened dough is cut and rolled into a ring shape. Sushki has the same shape as a donut. But Sushki has a bigger hole in the middle. The taste of sushki is very tasty and not too sweet. Sushki is also still classified as a low-fat food because it is made from wheat, so you don’t need to fear your weight will rise. Besides that, this Russian snack also has high nutrition. Poppy seeds contain iron, calcium, protein, magnesium, and various important minerals. Of course, delicious and nutritious snacks are your best watchmate.

If you are interested in these traditional snacks, you can find them easily on the street or traditional markets. The sushki they sell is hung by a rope, so you can find it easily. If you want to buy sushki in the form of packaging, you can find it in all food stores in Russia.

  1. Lays With Fresh-Salted Cucumber and Dill

Russian snacks are not just bread or cookies. Along with the development of the times, technological assistance is very influential on the development of traditional Russian food. You can not only taste homemade Russian food. Many traditional Russian foods are packaged in beautiful packaging and processed in a more attractive form. One of them is lays with fresh-salted cucumber and dill.

Lays is one of the famous snack products in the whole world. Lays is a product made in the USA. However, there is one type of lays variant that you can only get in Russia, namely lays with fresh-salted cucumber and dill. Dill, the green that you might see in almost every Russian soup, is being used here. As for the salted cucumber, it is a favorite pickle of Russian people. You may have tried Russian soup with dill, or tried salted cucumbers. However, the taste of the two unique foods is put together in the form of potato chips. This is a taste innovation that will not disappoint you. And lays with fresh-salted sources and dill is very popular with the Russian community. These snacks can certainly replace popcorn as your watchmate. You can find it easily in the Russian super market.

  1. Syrniki / Tvorozhniki

The next snack that you can try is syrniki or also known as tvorozhniki. For those of you lovers of sweetness, this snack is perfect for you. Tvorozhniki is fried pancakes. Special ingredients of these pancakes are pot cheese or farmer’s cheese. And other ingredients are the same as the ingredients for making pancakes in general. Flour, sugar, eggs, and sometimes vanilla extract. This soft mixture is fried in vegetable oil or hot butter. Both sides of this pancake are brownish and have a creamy taste inside and crispy on the outside. So this pancake is a blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Syrniki can be found easily. And it would be very interesting if you are interested in making it at home. This pancake is very easy to make. All you have to pay attention to is when frying. You should be able to measure so that the inside of this pancake is still creamy, but the outside is crispy. If you succeed, maybe this pancake will be the most delicious pancake you have ever eaten. You can replace popcorn with syrniki as a watchmate. Because syrniki is a snack, not a main dish in Russia. You can combine it with ice lemon tea or hot tea. Depends on the weather at that time.

  1. Chak-Chak

The last but not least is chak-chak. Not only is the name unique, the chak-chak also has a unique and varied form. Chak-chak is made from soft dough which is then cut into small pieces such as short noodles or beans. Then these small pieces are put together into a round or pyramid shape and fried. After being fried, the chak-chak is covered in honey and left to harden. The color of the yellowish chak-chak and the shape is very unique. The size of the chak-chak is also small and very suitable for snacks to watch.

Chak-chak is very popular in Tatarstan and the Ural Mountain region. But some food vendors in Russia also make these snacks. Usually, Russians eat chak-chak with traditional Russian tea. But you can also combine it with soft drink like cucumber sprites. This soft drink is a sprite variant that is only sold in Russia and has a taste of traditional Russian drinks. of course this will make you enjoy the film more.

Those are 4 Russian snacks that you can try to replace popcorn as your watchmate. These 4 snacks will not disappoint you and give a new sensation to your tongue. If you are on vacation in Russia, don’t forget to taste the 4 snacks above. Throw up your popcorn, these Russian snacks perfectly match your movie time. Happy trying everyone!

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