8 Hidden Facts About Russia That Should be Shown

If we talk about Russia, what do you know about the country? There are many people who only know a little about Russia. Usually they know more about typical food, tourist attractions or children’s animation from Russia. But do you know that Russia also has hidden facts that are still rarely known by many people? […]

7 Hidden Facts About Rostov On Don in Russia

Rostov on Don– or simply called Rostov belongs to one of the largest and the oldest city in Russia. It is inhabited by over 1 million populations. The city is located in the southern part of Russia with approximately 670 miles (1070 km) away from Moscow, Russia. The name Rostov on Don itself is actually […]

11 Hidden Facts of Metro Stations in Moscow

There are some hidden facts among the most beautiful metro stations in Russia. There are one of the things that you must try if you happen to visit the country with an amazing winter wonderland. Moreover, Russian metro stations are not your typical means of transportation but also a display of history and culture in […]