January In Russia, Enjoy These Magnificent Festivals You Can’t Miss

tatyana dayJanuary in Russia, Enjoy these Magnificient Festivals You Can’t Miss – January is one of the best months for you to use on vacation. In January, students, students and workers get a long time off. This is due to the Christmas holidays which fall on December 25 and the New Year which falls on January 1. In addition, it also coincides with semester school and college holidays. Therefore, many choose January or the beginning of the month as their vacation time.

If you also choose January as a time to vacation and have enough money to go abroad, Russia is one of the right countries for you to go. The country that stretches from eastern Europe to northern Asia has an area of ​​17 million km2. Russia is the largest country in the world, so you have many choices for vacationing here. Before you go on vacation, it’s important for you to find information about magnificent festivals you can’t miss like the following:

1. Tatyana’s Day

Tatyana’s Day is the day students in Russia take place every January 25th. By accident, January 25 also coincides with the end of the first academic year for students in Russia. On that date, precisely in 1755, the signing of a decree by the Russian consort to build a Moscow State University was carried out. The name Tatyana was taken from the name of a patron saint for students named St Tatyana. Tatyana or in Russian Татьянин день is one of the religious holidays in Russia.

2. International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival

This festival has been held since 2013 and is better known as the Ice Magic of Siberia. Initially the festival was part of the Surikov Art Festival and was held with the aim of commemorating 165 years of the birth of a great painter, Vasily Surikov and 385 years of the establishment of the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Ice Magic of Siberia is an international competition held on the banks of the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia. Ice Magic of Siberia shows the work of ice sculptures from sculptors, architects and artists from Russia. The works are divided into 2 categories namely snow and ice. Ice Magic of Siberia is included in a unique festival or competition because it is the only one that uses snow and ice.

The stages of competition in Ice Magic of Siberia consist of several stages, starting from December to January. However, the main competition stage is in early January. Besides being divided into 2 categories, this festival is also divided into several teams that can be followed starting from children to the elderly. Ice Magic of Siberia is not only followed by Russians, many of the outside residents such as sculptors from the United States, China, Latvia, Japan, and various cities in Russia are participating in this competition. They intentionally came to Russia to become participants in the Ice Magic of Siberia.

If you were originally from the city of St Petersburg, you can use beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia to get to the city of Krasnoyarsk. The festival which will end in February is able to increase visitors in Russia from various countries. Therefore, with this festival, Russia’s income from tourism will increase considerably.

3. Russian Orthodox Christmas

The beginning of January is one of the times where various events are held in Russia. One of them is Russian Orthodox Christmas. Russian Orthodox Christmas is one of the religious events held at the beginning of January, precisely on January 6-7. After the revolution in 1917, Christmas celebrations were banned in Russia. But in 1992, after new leaders in Russia always celebrated Christmas, Christmas celebrations were also held by all Russians.

The program begins with church services on Christmas Eve on January 6. After that, you can go home to do a special ‘holy meal’. At the banquet a meal called kutia will be served. Kutia is porridge from Russia combined with raisins.

During Russian Orthodox Christmas, you will find all public spaces in the city of Moscow and St. Petersburg decorated with various fancy decorations and Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is a symbol of this Russian Orthodox Christmas festival. In addition to the Christmas tree, there is also a baby Jesus who is another symbol. The entire public space will look beautiful and bright. You can enjoy the beauty using beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia.

In addition there are also all the parks which are the venue for various Christmas exhibitions and markets. Another series of Russian Orthodox Christmas events is the Russian Winter Tour that will accompany you adventure in the snow. Even though it is a religious event, everyone can enjoy this celebration because the Russian Orthodox Christmas Day has been designated as a public holiday by Russian government.

3. Russia Winter Festival

Winter in Russia is already famous for long and difficult. Therefore, all Russians always make an event that makes winter feel fast because it’s so fun. One of them is the Russian Winter Festival which is held for one month. All cities in Russia will hold this winter festival, but the biggest festival will be in Moscow.

During the festival, various lights will decorate the city, the field will turn into an ice skating rink, and various other beauties. Various jingles will also be played and you can listen as you pass through Izmailovo Park using traditional troika or herded by three horses. In another park, Gorky Park, an exhibition that contains a variety of spectacular ice sculptures you can attend. Revolution Square did not want to lose. At Revolution Square you can explore markets that contain handicrafts, food such as warm pancakes, honey bagels, balalaika concerts, and winter fashion shows. One of them is about St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try.

Thus information about January in Russia, enjoy these magnificient festivals you can’t miss that you must know so that your vacation time with friends and family will be more memorable. Almost all regions in Russia will be filled with snow and ice for months, but you don’t need to worry. This situation will not interfere with activities in Russia, so you can still use beautiful trams in St. Petersburg – Russia. You can prepare St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try during the holidays.

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