What Is The Best Time To Visit Krasnaya Polyana? Here’s The Recommendation

There are many interesting tourists destination you can find in Russia. Among many places, Krasnaya Polyana is one of them. This urban locality is located in the City of Sochi. This beautiful place is the home to the Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Resort. The ski resort is very popular because of its part as the […]

3 Best Hiking Routes To Try In Sochi

There are many kinds of activities you can do during the holiday. If you like to stay at home, you can spend your time reading books or trying out some cooking recipes. If you enjoy watching art performance, you can get to a theatre or to the museum where you can observe the art exhibition. […]

4 Most Popular Hiking Trails In Krasnaya Polyana Russia

When you are on vacation, there are many activities you can do. If you like to taste new food, you can go to new places and try new cuisines. If you like to explore nature, there are many attractions or places you can go to. You can visit the zoo to learn about various kinds […]

4 Summer Things You Can Do In A Russian Mountain Resort In Krasnaya Polyana

When we are talking about a mountain resort, we must be thinking that we can only do activities there during the winter. If you have been looking for going there during summer for vacation, you can start to make the plan from now. One of the most popular and luxurious mountain resorts in Russia is […]

4 Everlasting Things You Can Do Any Season Only In Sochi

As one of the cities in Russia, Sochi is popular as the resort city. With this title, it is very natural for many people to expect to find many attractive places and activities in Sochi. What makes this place is even more interesting is the fact that it has subtropical weather. This means you are […]

Most Active Volcanoes of Russia You Should Know

Russia is full of snow. Whether with this condition, did you know that Russia is still have the Active Volcanoes? Well, we could says this because you have to know this fact. We present to you more about Most Active Volcanes of Russia You Should Know. In 10 volcanoes active, there are 9 volcanoes that […]

7 Facts About Mount Elbrus – The Highest Mountain in Europe

It’s endless if we talk about Russian nature. All landscapes are available there. Beautiful beaches, amazing karst caves, charming spits, beautiful forests, and mountains that truly fascinate. Besides Maly Semyachik Volcano, which is quite popular, Russia also has another stratovolcano volcano that is no less impressive. Namely Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Mount […]

5 Surprising Things in Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains are a range of mountains that lay from north to south from the west part of Russia. It precisely starts from the coast of Arctic Ocean to Ural River and northwest part of Kazakhstan. According to the map, the Urals are considered as a border that separate Europe and Asia. Moreover, the Urals are categorized as a […]

5 Top Things That You Didn’t Know About People of Caucasus

Maybe you have heard about the Caucasus Mountains, or maybe you haven’t. It’s a mountain system that borders the continents of Europe and Asia, with majestic peaks, lakes and forest areas. This mountain range also lies between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and is home to some of Europe’s tallest mountains. If you’re wondering […]