7 Can’t Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time

Can’t-Miss Russian Festivals During Fall Time – Autumn is one of the four seasons experienced by temperate countries or subtropics. Autumn is a transition season from summer to winter. In autumn, a variety of plants that are being planted can be harvested and the trees will fall off their leaves. Autumn makes the days shorter […]

10 Best Places to Spend Fall Vacation in Russia

Sometimes, we want to go someplace with a romantic ambiance with your lover. Many places in another country could offer you romantic places to go. Some of them already well known, let said like France. What people don’t know is, there are many places in Russia that could also offer you with such a romantic […]

Having Fall Trip To Russia? Here Are Essential Pack You Should Bring

Autumn falls from September to October each year with temperatures starting around 11 ° C in Russia. The temperature continues to decline due to winter. Autumn can also be an option to visit Russia. The leaves begin to turn yellow and fall in the fall season. This scene must be very beautiful and a pity […]