Did Russian Parents Scare Their Children with The Story of Baba Yaga?

Have you ever listened to scary stories from your parents? Did you make a mistake before hearing the story? Many ways parents do to educate their children. Often, they do it by telling a scary story. Usually it ends with a threat if the child makes another mistake, the character will come to the child. […]

5 Picture Books that are Perfect for Children to Learn Russian Language

Picture books for children are like building blocks that bring forward vocabulary skills, literacy, sentence structure, and story analysis. For children, picture books are an important aspect of learning how to read. Usually, these types of book mark off the first step in introducing a child to literature and are often the start of language […]

Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children

It is inevitable that cartoons play a huge part of a child’s growth. Aside from learning through school and bedtime stories, cartoons can be an interesting media for children to learn new things, such as nature, science, friendship, music, and language. As long as parents know which cartoons to let their children watch, and let […]

6 most favorite Russian cartoons for all ages from then and now

When asked about childhood, most people would probably have a couple of things that remind them the most about being a child. Whether it’s the fun games, holiday activities, or favorite toys. Another thing that cannot be separated from childhood is watching cartoons! Don’t you agree? Who doesn’t love cartoons? They’re a timeless classic for […]

7 Favorite Russian Games for Children

Not every child in Russia have the time or money to visit favorite places for them to play during holidays. But still, recreation is a close second necessity after foods, especially for children. To keep their “fun” meters high, Russian children will find their own ways to make themselves entertained, like playing with their favorite toys […]

6 Trusted and Popular Charities in Russia

Although Russia is considered as superpower country with all its natural resources, with the largest area and the historical background, the people is still live in poverty. Especially in some rural areas which located remotely from the city center, they still face the difficulties in their everyday life. Despite being one of the world’s most […]

12 Popular Russian Bedtime Stories for Children

It starts from the beginning, the bedtimes stories we hear and read often define our core values. We go to the Greatest Russian Novels Everyone Should Read and also Famous Movies That Take Place In Russia just to sense the Russian value. Moreover, the Traditional Folk Entertainment That Russian Enjoy So Much displays how Russian enjoy their days and nights. Furthermore, […]

How Soviet Children Playing Activities Outside Home

Russia is the largest country in the world. The uniqueness of Russia appears one of them because it is at the northernmost of the Earth. Bordering the North Pole, Russia has many unique facts about its geography. Aside from the geography, apparently Russians also have many unique habits. Long before, now, this unique habit could […]