Let’s Get Familiar with Russian Values to Make Your Life Easier There

Do you plan to stay in Russia for quite some time? Or do you even have a plan to move to Russia?

When you plan to move or stay in a country for a long time, of course you have to know about how life in that country. This is done so that you can easily blend in with the lives of the residents around where you live later. When you start to mingle with your neighbors, of course your life will be easy while staying there, right?

Similarly, if you plan to settle or move to Russia. There are many things you must learn and understand before you are there. To add information to you, let’s get familiar with Russian values to make your life easier there.

Russia is a vast country and has many interesting places to visit. Russian natural beauty often makes people who visit there wants to settle down a little bit longer. But there are many people who know Russia is a country that chilled, frozen or too extreme weather. Though there are many places in Russia which is warm and suitable for summer vacation.

If you are interested in staying for a long time or even moving to Russia whether for business or personal matters, you must learn and understand how life is in Russia. Of course, there are some differences that you have to adjust. That way you will adapt easily. You will easily live and enjoy your life while in Russia.

For this reason, this article will discuss values in Russia that you should know about. So, let’s get familiar with Russian values to make your life easier there.

  • Russian Culture That Is Not Individualistic

In Russia, its citizens practice a culture that is not individualistic. They support each other. Decisions and agreements are chosen based on support from family, friends and also people they know. Individualistic people in Russia are far less compared to people in the West.

People in Russia better maintain many friendships and relationships rather than the West in general. Even when you get or do something difficult, you will be able to solve it well if you know the right person in Russia. Isn’t that a good value for life?

  • Russia, A High Value on Homeland

The Russians still apply a culture that gives high value to their homeland. Besides that, there is also a high value in the family. A challenge that must be faced by families in Russia that are under communism is that the people there are very dependent on the family.

The Soviet government in its time left an impression on the culture that existed in Russia. The creation of a fundamental fear and distrust of all those who are outside the family relationship. This makes the culture of citizens in Russia highly appreciate the great family and friendship they have established.

  • The Culture of Drinking Alcohol in Russia

Russia is very popular with a strong culture of drinking alcohol. Even so, drinking alcohol is not glorified by Russians as many foreigners generally know. People in Russia are actually still very aware of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

People in Russia assume that being too drunk because of excessive alcohol consumption is not a positive thing. It is regarded as bad behavior if you consume a lot of alcohol or other similar beverages. When you look drunk in public places in Russia, it is illegal. You can be punished for having violated the law in Russia.

  • About the Sincerity of The Russian

What comes to your mind about “how are you?”

Usually the question “how are you?” in English used to say hello to someone who may have recently they meet. People will tend to answer with “I’m fine, thank you. How about you?”. But the answer is not the right answer if you hear such questions in Russia.

When you ask such questions in Russia, be prepared to listen to the long story of the person you’re talking to. Vice versa. You have to let yourself be open. People in Russia are so sincere when they start asking questions about your life. So, the question “how are you?” in Russia it is not just a short greeting.

  • Culture Understands the Importance of Time in Russia

If you will stay a little longer in Russia for business, or if you are planning to move to Russia and work there, you would see the culture of the time imposed by the Russian people. Doing business with Russian people requires you to pay attention to time and arrive on time. They really understand the importance of time when they have to meet someone, especially foreigners.

But even though Russians understand the importance of time, they still consider it unnecessary to regulate time. Usually a business meeting may end up longer than expected.

  • About Communication in Russia

To communicate with people in Russia, it’s good to start learning about the Russian language. In Russia, there are still a few people who can speak English. If you learn a little Russian, your life while in Russia will be easier. Being able to speak Russian even though it can also make it easier for you to socialize with the neighbors around you.

Being able to speak Russian will also make it easier for you when working with Russians. They would greatly appreciate your efforts in studying the Russian language. If it is very urgent, you can also use the services of translators who are able to speak English.

And maybe there are still some of Russian values that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out Russian values to make your life easier there. Let’s get familiar with Russian values to make your life easier there.

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