Russian People’s Perspectives on Ghost; How Scary is It? 

Halloween is when ghosts and creepy decorations are on open presentation, helping us to remember the domain of the dead. In any case, might they be able to likewise be teaching us in significant exercises on the most proficient method to have moral existences?  The roots of current Halloween go back to ‘samhain‘, a Celtic […]

7 Favorite Russian Superstitions that are Believed to Bring Good Luck

Superstition is an inseparable part of Russian tradition. It has evolved throughout the years into social etiquette and norms that are commonly accepted in Russian society, although it originally may be born out of mere folk belief and archaic mindset. Celebrations, daily activities, and interpersonal communications are almost always lightly nuanced with superstition. Superstitions that […]

Understanding Russian Beliefs and Values That Will Guide You to Hug Russia

Let’s get to know Russia better! There are many ways to get to know a country. All countries in the world have characteristics, facts, beliefs, customs and values. The greater a country the more diverse the uniqueness of the country will be. The uniqueness that makes the country different from other countries. You certainly have […]

Collect All of Russian Beliefs and Customs as Your Direction To Live There

Do you want to know more about Russia? Talking about the beliefs and customs is not something that sounds unusual among people. In all countries on earth, they certainly have beliefs and customs that are still applied in their daily lives. Although today is the modern era. This belief and custom merges with the modern […]