Russian Pregnancy Superstitions That You Should Know

Pregnancy is a very special period in the life of every woman. Especially if it is the first pregnancy, there will be a lot of questions, doubts and worries. The future mother often wonders if everything is all right, if the changes occurring in her body are normal, how to behave, so as not to […]

You May Not Give These Gifts to Russian People

Gift giving is an important part of life in Russia, because it is considered bad form to arrive empty-handed in any social event. Aside of personal occasion such as dinner, birthday, and wedding; there are also several national celebrations that require gift exchange, such as the New Year holiday and the International Woman’s Day. However, […]

Collect All of Russian Beliefs and Customs as Your Direction To Live There

Do you want to know more about Russia? Talking about the beliefs and customs is not something that sounds unusual among people. In all countries on earth, they certainly have beliefs and customs that are still applied in their daily lives. Although today is the modern era. This belief and custom merges with the modern […]