5 Richest Football Club in Russia

Russia has a big nation with a big opportunity to build the most challenging football premiere in Eastern Europe. Russia has well known for the oil and nuclear resource the have. It will make a big advantage for them to build good economy. But for the football itself, they shall need sponsorship, advertisement, endorse, or […]

4 Most Supported Football Club in Russia

A great team always leave the history. If the club want everybody know about them, they have to create story, achievements, things that every fan wants. Thanks to internet and the social media things, now everyone in the world may have the fanclub, or simply add club instagram for follow latest update of their club, […]

5 Facts of the Oldest Football Club In Russia

Every football club have their own history . And so for Russia. There a lots of club who played in Russia and play for different league. From lower to top tier club, they compete each other to bring the glory for the fans and the club. The one is really bright , the others look […]