6 Facts of Oymyakon, The Coldest Place in Russia

If you ever went to europe, whats makes its different from any other countries is the weather. If you are living in Asia, specially in Southeast Asia, usually you just have 2 type of season. Summer and rainy season. Europe is different. Since you go there, there are 4 types of season and each season […]

7 Coldest places in Russia that will make you “Brrr, Its freezing!”

Every place have their own uniqueness. From dry – hot city, into the  freezing city even makes your eyelashes freezing. As a big country, Every cities in here are not having same culture and don’t have similar way to live in the city. During annual freeze across everywhere in Russia, the temperature of the weather […]

6 Most Endangered Species of Plants in Russia

Have your ever go to Russia? Russia is one of the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe. Russia is well known by its Kremlin, Saint Petersburg City, and the famous president , Mr.Vladimir Putin. Since decades ago, they are really famous by their beauty not only from the city, but also their uniquess of the […]

6 Rare and Exotic Animals in Russia

Russia is gifted with wide and large land which will have a various plants and animals . From dry land into the freezing one, this country offers a lot of things to do for us. Some of them are too good to be missed. Just like another country, Russia has their own specialities. They have […]

5 Most Endangered species of animals in Russia

There are many kind of animals in Russia. Each of them have their uniquess which amazing to see. Same like the other country, Russia offer various kind of animal – even exclusive can only seen in this country. But as the technology raising and cause of the human business, slow but sure they start to […]

7 Facts about football in Russia (Football Lovers Must Know)

Before World Cup , Have you ever know about history of football in Russia ? This country is in hot-list in 2018 for hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018. We will take you to the story of the Russian football. Russia is well known for its Kremlin, beautiful Saints Petersburg, and the Mr.Vladimir Putin, one of […]

5 History of Football in Russia that worth to know

The Russia World Cup 2018 was finished. France won the title of the champions and made additional one star at their badge, a symbol of winning the world cup. Talking about the host, Russia has a great story of the football in their country. Great story doesn’t mean everythings was good at the past. They […]

5 Richest Football Club in Russia

Russia has a big nation with a big opportunity to build the most challenging football premiere in Eastern Europe. Russia has well known for the oil and nuclear resource the have. It will make a big advantage for them to build good economy. But for the football itself, they shall need sponsorship, advertisement, endorse, or […]

4 Most Supported Football Club in Russia

A great team always leave the history. If the club want everybody know about them, they have to create story, achievements, things that every fan wants. Thanks to internet and the social media things, now everyone in the world may have the fanclub, or simply add club instagram for follow latest update of their club, […]

4 Most Famous Football Club in Russia (Football lovers must know!)

There are so many football clubs around Russia. When USSR broke into 15 different countries, the clubs start to growth, ignore the problem of the nations, and began create their history over the years. Some of them were collapsed because of the financing problem, the others were looking to create big power by waited sponsor […]