3 Reasons for Bugrinsky Bridge’s Construction in Novosibirsk

When you are going on vacation to any cities or countries, there are many things that you can observe while you are strolling along. Some buildings displayed the architectural characteristics of certain eras. There are also many museums or art exhibitions where you can learn about history. For people who love nature, there are also […]

A Guide of Important History of Don River, Russia

Don River, is one of the largest rivers of Russia. It is also known as the 5th longest river in Europe. Based on the history of Russia, Don River has been known as the vital artery since Peter 1 the Great. Peter 1 the Great is the one who started the hydrographic survey of its […]

Unique History of Volga River That You Need to Know

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe reaching 2,294 miles in length and entirely located in Russia. The word “Volga” itself means “wetness” in early Slavic language roots. The river is functioning as flood control, irrigation and transportation. It surely live up to its name as “Mother Volga” for playing a major role […]