5 Reasons Why Kyrgyzstan National Football Team Is Special

Who doesn’t know football? Everyone certainly knows this type of sport. In fact, this is a favorite sport of men. Maybe that includes you too. Football teams began to form a lot in each country. The sporting event about football has also been widely held. At least there are already many countries that have their […]

7 Facts about football in Russia (Football Lovers Must Know)

Before World Cup , Have you ever know about history of football in Russia ? This country is in hot-list in 2018 for hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018. We will take you to the story of the Russian football. Russia is well known for its Kremlin, beautiful Saints Petersburg, and the Mr.Vladimir Putin, one of […]

5 History of Football in Russia that worth to know

The Russia World Cup 2018 was finished. France won the title of the champions and made additional one star at their badge, a symbol of winning the world cup. Talking about the host, Russia has a great story of the football in their country. Great story doesn’t mean everythings was good at the past. They […]

5 things Russian do to celebrate the incoming of FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia has just finished, the big event was held from June 14 to July 15, 2018, various victory parties have been celebrated and France became the world champion for the second. In spite of the fact that FIFA World Cup 2018 party has passed but there are still many […]

7 Most Popular Sports in Russia Today

There are so many sports in Russia as the country is very successful in the field. The country is also famous in the world for being strong in sport. During the Soviet Era, the USSR national team won 14 medals of its 18 Olympic appearances. That was a huge fact that explains how Russians really love sports, […]

5 Richest Football Club in Russia

Russia has a big nation with a big opportunity to build the most challenging football premiere in Eastern Europe. Russia has well known for the oil and nuclear resource the have. It will make a big advantage for them to build good economy. But for the football itself, they shall need sponsorship, advertisement, endorse, or […]

4 Most Supported Football Club in Russia

A great team always leave the history. If the club want everybody know about them, they have to create story, achievements, things that every fan wants. Thanks to internet and the social media things, now everyone in the world may have the fanclub, or simply add club instagram for follow latest update of their club, […]

4 Most Famous Football Club in Russia (Football lovers must know!)

There are so many football clubs around Russia. When USSR broke into 15 different countries, the clubs start to growth, ignore the problem of the nations, and began create their history over the years. Some of them were collapsed because of the financing problem, the others were looking to create big power by waited sponsor […]

8 Important Things to Know About The Russia 2018 World Cup

This year is the year which the football fans from all around the world are waitting for. Yes. World Cup which is only held once for every 4 year is happening this year. It will be the 21st World Cup since its first tournament in 1930 in Uruguay. However, this year Russia has been selected as the […]

3 Biggest Stadium in Russia That You Can Visit

Russia offers so much entertainment when the country host the most anticipating football event in the world. As a host, I’m pretty sure the country prepares all of people needs – including the stadium. 12 Choosen venues participates and celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and offers the history, beauty, hi-tech facility, even extraordinary […]