11 Hidden Facts of Metro Stations in Moscow

There are some hidden facts among the most beautiful metro stations in Russia. There are one of the things that you must try if you happen to visit the country with an amazing winter wonderland. Moreover, Russian metro stations are not your typical means of transportation but also a display of history and culture in […]

11 Interesting Facts of Mayakovskaya Metro In Moscow

Russian capital city has many iconic famous places. If you are traveling to this part of the country there are many things to explore. The must go place is the various famous landmark in the red square and their affordable tasty market. Moreover, Moscow offers many things, it is even a Muslim friendly country You can easily find famous mosques and […]

Breathtaking History of Metro Stations in Moscow

Russian culture and masterpiece monuments attract many tourists. Moreover, Many visit the Russian capital and enjoy the Russian atmosphere. There are many things you can do in Moscow. You can sightsee though outstanding famous places in Moscow, from the majestic St. Basil’s Cathedral, the famous Kremlin to the busy and crowded Red Square. Moscow holds many […]

Discover 11 most beautiful metro stations in moscow

Are you visiting Moscow? you get a metro card and jump on board to explore Moscow’s metro stations. The world knows the fastest trains is in Japan, the Shinkansen is an iconic transportation in the world. Russian also have iconic metro stations in Moscow. This capital city is famous with efficient and beautiful metro system. They […]