Yaroslavl; The Russian Original Architecture Indeed

When you are visiting any new places, one of the things that are very interesting to observe is the buildings. Usually, every city has its unique character displayed by its buildings. For example, when you go to any cities in Greece, you will see temples, theatres, and stadiums that are distinctive from any other places […]

Interesting Things around Rostov Kremlin

Rostov Kremlin is originally the residence of the Bishop of the Rostov Diocese, called the Metropolitan Court. Located in the center of Rostov near Lake Nero, it is now an object of cultural heritage of Russia. Today, the Kremlin ensemble consists of a bishop’s court adjoining it from the north of Cathedral Square with the […]

Why You Should Visit the Red Square in Moscow

You haven’t really travelled to Russia if you don’t visit The Red Square while you’re in the country. It is one of the most popular tourism spots that people associate with Russia. Why so? And why should travelers visit it? About The Red Square Red Square is the main square of Moscow, located between the […]

What Makes Modern Russian Architecture Suitable for Your House?

Building a house based on what we want certainly gives a certain satisfaction, right? You can be more comfortable and comfortable living in a house that suits your own design. Especially if your house is on a large enough plot of land, it will increasingly make your idea of the design freer. Each country in […]

6 Finest House Designs in Russia: Get Inspired by the Varieties

The roots of traditional Russian architecture lies in the architecture of Kievan Rus’ and early Russian wooden establishments centered in Veliky Novgorod and Kiev with influences by the Byzantine Empire. However, the largest part of the traditional Russian architecture is characterized by national and local features. The buildings in old Russia was built in divided […]

6 Facts of Onion Domes: Russian Architectural Design

When you go to a certain place and observe the architecture of it, you will find that each place has its characteristic. Take Toledo for example. This city is known as a UNESCO world heritage because of its 2000 years of history’s reflection of its ancient architecture. You can easily find many interesting architectural buildings, […]

What Is The History Behind Russian Revival Architecture

When we travel to other countries or cities and go sight-seeing, we will see many things that give that particular place a certain characteristic. For example, when you go to New York, you will see tall buildings all over the city. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, and Time Square are only a few treasures […]