Pouzy or Pelmeni; What Makes These Dumplings Are Being Difference?

Like, may other countries in the world. Russia is very rich when it comes to food and dishes. The vast are of Russian Geography also say a lot about their food. The far east side will have a slightly different kind of food depending on the weather and climate. It is not too overwhelming to […]

Back to School! 5 Things You Should Prepare When Your Kids Study in Russia

Russia has one of the most advanced educational systems in the world. Not only it opening its doot to International students, the school also has interesting custom and tradition to observed. There are specific Values Of Education In Russia. Education is very high in Russia, most Russian pursue higher education. The government also make it compulsory for […]

Best Book to Read Will Help You to Master All About Russia Quickly

As the growing curiosity of Russia makes many people search for information about the country. Either going to Russia for travelling, schooling or enjoying the culture can be a very interesting experience. There is that language barrier that often makes people think twice before reading or watching anything about Russia. Luckily nowadays there is more […]

Street Food Festival in Russia During Holiday in 2020

People say if you want to experience the culture of the land, then the festival season is where you need to be. Russia is no exception, especially with the four seasons in the vast region. There are probably more festivals there in any other place in the world.  No wonder, many travellers also check out […]

Does Russian Dumplings Should Contain the Kinds of Meat?

There are many ways of doing the Russian dumplings. Just like many of its Russian Food Cultures That Should Be Considered, Russian dumplings fillings can be both sweet, savoury or just plain. It all depends on the changes in seasons, which part of Russia are you at, and your eating preference. Pelmeni is the savoury version […]

How Important Picking Mushroom According to Russian Culture

Almost nowhere else in the entire world that people will have so much joy roaming the forest and picking out mushroom. Noone can do mushroom hunting quite like the Russian. Call it what you want. A sport or a cultural event, picking out Mushrooms is a moment all Russian enjoy and proud of. With various […]

Various Jam for Russian Pancakes to Boost Your Mood

Like everyone else in part of the world. Russian also do breakfast and maybe a little more festive. If you are wondering What Do Russians Eat For Their Daily breakfast it is mostly following their tradition as well as some western influence. Eating breakfast in Russia includes various dishes both sweet and savoury. One of the most […]

Don’t Be Careless! Keep On Your Mind About These Flower Etiquette Before Give It

Flowers are not only beautiful but also symbolic. There are more than words that giving flower represents to help people when having a hard time expressing their feelings. Yet, it is a different meaning when you are in Russia. There is a thing or two about “Flower Gifting Etiquette In Russia” that people must know. […]

Does the Russian Familiar With Junk Food

Russia is opening its door to more investors as well as tourism more than before. There is a more and more international company such as restaurant and fast-food chain popping up all over Russia. Not only in the big city like Moscow but also smaller ones such as Sait Petersburg and many more. Russia may […]

All You Need to Know About the Rules for Russian Breakfast

We are what we eat” – goes a long way when you are refering to the Russian. Not only the WHAT you eat thet matters, but also the HOW and WHY is equally important. You probably already know What Do Russians Eat For Their Daily Breakfast and also their habit on dining home and what […]