Street Food Festival in Russia During Holiday in 2020

People say if you want to experience the culture of the land, then the festival season is where you need to be. Russia is no exception, especially with the four seasons in the vast region. There are probably more festivals there in any other place in the world.  No wonder, many travellers also check out […]

5 Rules to Make Home-Made Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a popular dish of Russian cuisine, made from chopped beef slices topped with spicy cream sauce. Beef stroganoff recipe was first created by a French chef who cooked for Count Stroganov. A delicate culinary masterpiece was quickly appreciated and more than once served at the count’s table. Nowadays, this dish is still […]

Mirror Glaze Cake: An Authentic Russian Cake Designed by Russian Chef

There are many kinds of desserts. During summertime, you must want something refreshing. That is the perfect time to enjoy some ice creams. If you want to have the sweet and cold of ice cream but prefer to eat milk-based dessert, you can buy yourself some gelato. For you who are lactose intolerant but still […]

About Cheeses In Russia: The Authentic And The Fake Ones

Cheese is a product that uses milk as the base ingredient in the making process. The milk that used the most to make cheese comes from cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep. In the process, the milk is acidified by bacteria and added with Rennet, an enzyme useful for coagulation so the solid curds will be […]

Have you ever heard of Russian medovik cake? Let’s find out here!

You probably have heard almost all the Russian dessert, there are numerous of them and all taste delicious. All of the sweet cakes Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia is starting to go global and get their recipe share all over the world. Medovik Cake or also known as the Honey Cake is […]

11 Restaurant To Find Most Authentic Russian Food In St.Petersburg

There are a lot of charms that Russia offers to the Tourist. This country has various cuisine and also beautiful cities. There are some cities that are popular among the foreign tourists such as Moscow and St.Petersburg. St.Petersburg is a City of Port on the Baltic Sea. Here, we can visit some signature place such […]