8 Unusual and Weird Things in Kazan

Before we decided to go somewhere, the main thing we search is the best things we can do there. Often travelers will seek things that they can’t find back home. Visitors from tropical countries will thing snow is amazing, and a visitor from four seasons countries will soak the burning sun of tropical beaches. So, […]

9 Facts about Russian autumn in Russia

Russia has four seasons and autumn is the busiest time of all. Russian autumn in Russia means many works to do during this short time when autumn comes after a long summer time. It is the beginning of the school year, therefore students are busy preparing for school. Food is harvested and preserved. birds ready […]

5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia

Winter festival in Russia is long and popular. Russia has one of the coldest weather in the world even during summer. Subsequently, Russia holds a Winter festival to cheer the people and fight the cold weather. Young and old come together to have a feast and celebrate winter despite its cold. These festivals attract tourist […]