Back to School! 5 Things You Should Prepare When Your Kids Study in Russia

Russia has one of the most advanced educational systems in the world. Not only it opening its doot to International students, the school also has interesting custom and tradition to observed. There are specific Values Of Education In Russia. Education is very high in Russia, most Russian pursue higher education. The government also make it compulsory for […]

17 Russian Superstitions that Every Russian Kid Know

Russian tradition do not recognize some of the most common western superstition, such as the deadly myth of number 13 or the peril of walking under the stairs. However, there are dozens if not hundreds of Russian superstitions that has become inseparable with everyday life. They may come from folk custom that somehow evolves into […]

What Russian kids give to their mom during International mother’s day

When the Mother’s Day celebration arrives, surely we want to give something to our mother, right? What kind of gift do you give to your mother? Can kids give gifts to their mothers on Mother’s Day? Of course they can! Then, what kind of gift can kids give to their mothers during Mother’s Day? What about […]