Don’t Be Careless! Keep On Your Mind About These Flower Etiquette Before Give It

Flowers are not only beautiful but also symbolic. There are more than words that giving flower represents to help people when having a hard time expressing their feelings. Yet, it is a different meaning when you are in Russia. There is a thing or two about “Flower Gifting Etiquette In Russia” that people must know. […]

Russian Flowers That Are Recommended For Bouquets

You might have heard of how much Russians love flowers. They send bouquets for almost every occasion from birth to funeral – something that can only be matched by blini. People in Russia consider flowers as a way to indirectly say things they can’t express verbally. That is why rules and etiquette of flower-giving in […]

Time for Some Pretty Bits: The Meanings of Flowers in Russia

Flowers have played important roles in many cultures across the world, including in Russia. The pretty plants have not only gratified human sense with their beauties but also hold significant and deep meaning in the rich Russian cultures. This is evident by the fact that flowers are anchored in their culture, art works, and even […]

Say it with Flower : Flower Gifting Etiquette in Russia

Flower is the universal language of love. While Russian culture of gifting might seem to be pretty similar with other western countries by now, you might have noticed how highly Russians think of other people and the heartwarming affections they treat each other. There are some unique traditions when it comes to gift and flower […]