Street Food Festival in Russia During Holiday in 2020

People say if you want to experience the culture of the land, then the festival season is where you need to be. Russia is no exception, especially with the four seasons in the vast region. There are probably more festivals there in any other place in the world. 

No wonder, many travellers also check out the Festivals schedules to match with their travelling plans. They prefer to visit Cities In Russia Tha Has Lots Of Festivals. From music, cultural and food, every event are guaranteed to gives the first hands-on experience what it is like living like a tue Russia. 

Various Food Festivals In 2020, Mark Your Calendar!

One particular Festival that is held throughout the year is Street Food Festivals. Not only Russia has many cities with different condition, but the food choices are also abundant. So, you probably do not get the chance to experience all of it by going to the city to city. Coming to the Food Festivals is a great way to get to know Bizarre Russian Food That They Eat On Special Occasion Here are some street Festivals you can visit in Russia in 2020. Check out all the event and see if it happens to be aligned with your travelling plans. 

1. The Pelmeni Festivals

The central square of Izhevsk and other venues of the Udmurt held a very festive street food Festivals all about Pelmeni. The traditional Russian cuisine is praise and love in the first two weeks Festivals. people can come and enjoy the tasting sessions, culinary workshops, and making dumplings competition. it does not stop there, this Russian Meat Dishes That Can be So Mouthwatering also shows various dumplings menu from all over the world.

There are the street market, dumplings fairs, and of course, folk festivals organized to make the Festival even more festive. The main event will be held in Izhevsk on February 8th, 2020. DO you know that Russia has all kind of filling for their dumplings? not just savoury but also sweet ones. All will have an opportunity to taste dumplings, especially Pelmeni the nation dumpling. 

2. O, da! Eda! (Oh, yes! Food!)

Head out to all cities in Russia, on July 13-14. Russia is holding all city gourmet food Festivals. But the biggest one and takes up almost the largest area will be held in Primorsky Victory Park, St Petersburg. if you happen to be in Russia at that time, find out when and where the event will be held. It may differ in every city. 

Russia loves food and you can tell from the various Festivals that they held around food. This event is only one out of many. In the event, you can pretty much taste Russian Food Which Is Similar To Typical Foods In Other Countries. It may be different in term of taste and presentation, but no doubt you may just experience something similar to the food that you have tried before. The city’s best chefs will open their doors, and a glass of wine or vodka also will enlighten the Festivals. There are even Russian wild game in a modern twist, master classes, and even Children’s Culinary School. So much fun to have around food and nothing but food. 

3. “Hold the Crab!” Festival of Living Kamchatka Crabs

The idea behind the event is to highlight the crabs in Vladivostok. Out of many things that are popular in the area, the seafood is exceptionally great. But Crab remain as the star of the Festival. This is one streetfood Festival that you do not want to missed out. 

There are many things that makeA Russian City Of Hills And Volcanoes Petroplavlovsk-Kamchatskybut famous, and crab is one of them that stand out. People com from Far East, Moscow, St Petersburg,Sochi, Yekaterinburg, and other cities to enjoy the crabs and have a good time.  You will know the right way of eating crab and also experiecing fishing i the vas area. During the festival, restaurants can serve a very affordable crabs with its delicous suce. The only restriction in the festival is that one crab can only be eaten to 7 people. Yes they are massive in size. Find out yourself and head out to the area on October 15-30.

4. WorldFood Moscow Festivals

If looking into various food from all over Russia is in your agenda, then you will want to make emplty schedule around 22-25 Sep 2020. Moscow will have another World Food Festival in CrocusExpo, Krasnogorsk, Russia. You will experience not only the authentic food but also drinks as well. Now, everybody know that Russia is a big fans of drinks such as vodka and wines.

It covers not only the dihes but also raw food ranging from fish, meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables. You name it they got it all. The event also has an exhibition held by Russia’s professional to represent their wholesale and retail trade.

5. Vkusnaya Moskva (Tasty Moscow), June 27-28

For those interested in the old traditional food rather than the trending food, Vkusnaya Moskva is where you need to be. This festival is somehow close to O, da! Eda!” but it serves completely different food set. The goal of the event is to reconstruct popular dishes to the current pallette. Moscow chefs will recreate the Past tastes and making awareness so the true taste of Russia do not died out of time.

Is there any particulary street food that you are aiming at? All seems great and delicious. And you can only imagine what the crowed are. You can to missed out Streed Food Russian festivals During Fall Time,where it is noce and coy outside. Enjoying street food in that time will be so much comfortable then any other seasons. So, get your ticket ready and make all the neccesery arrangement. Get ready for the up and coming Holidays and know exactly where are you going.

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