How Important Picking Mushroom According to Russian Culture

Almost nowhere else in the entire world that people will have so much joy roaming the forest and picking out mushroom. Noone can do mushroom hunting quite like the Russian. Call it what you want. A sport or a cultural event, picking out Mushrooms is a moment all Russian enjoy and proud of.

With various mushroom Delicious Russian Mushroom Recipe That Can Be Made At Home no wonder the Russian love their mushroom. Cooking, gathering, no fearing to mistaken get the poisonous ones, only in Russia do ‘mushroom gathering thrive. Here are some fascinating facts about mushroom hunting activities in Russia.

1. Mushroom Picking is A Nation Event

Mushroom-picking is not just a Russian thing. Slavic peoples from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech and even American love gathering mushrooms. But only Russian still love doing it even today. Where everyone else has moved on to more modern activities, Russian still love going to forest ad picking out mushroom. There may be some type of mushroom on other parts of the country, but only in Russia that comes in a wide variety of mushroom with so many ways to enjoy them. Come and enjoy the festivities around April to October, it is the mushroom season in almost all part of Russia. There are many Activities That Russians Do In Their Free Time and mushroom picking is one of them.

2.Dangerous game

If you think mushroom picking is a simple and easy thing, well, think again. Even Russian find it difficult to distinguish between edible mushroom with dangerous ones. Be careful, hunting mushrooms need preparation, especially with more than 30 kinds of poisonous mushroom in Russia. There are Vegetables That Only Grows In Russia  and one of them is mushroom. Dangerous or not people need to watch out. But seriously, the level of dangerous mushroom is no kidding, even a small piece of this fungus can kill a full-grown adult. 

So do not just randomly go to the forest and putting every mushroom you can find in the basket. You need to go with a guide – a gribnik, a mushroomer expert with high experience to know which on are edible mushroom from the dangerous ones.

3. Edible Mushroom That Russian Collect. 

There are at lear 15 mushroom kind that Russian manage to distinguish ever since little. You can Bring Back Childhood Nostalgia With Legendary 7 Soviet Candies or take the forest path and start digging for mushrooms. From cыроежки (russule), Белые (porcini), грузди (milk mushrooms), опята (honey mushroom), подберезовики (birch bolete), подосиновики (red-capped bolete), лисички (chanterelle),маслята (slippery jack), рыжики (saffron milk cap), подберезовики (birch bolete) etc. And that is just half of it. there are so many more. 

Mushroom is one of the ingredient to various Hot Tasty Russian Meals That You Should Taste. You can make then right from scratch that you get after gathering all days. It is a costume to make a dish right after it. If you are not sure about the safety of mushroom that you have picked. Do not worry there is an easy way to know this. As a precaution, though we usually add a whole peeled onion when making mushroom bouillon – if it turns blue, that means that one of the mushrooms was not edible.

4. Why Do Russian Gather Mushroom In The First Place?

Natural ingredients that come from the forest is always been a big part of Russian nutritious and abundance in seasons. When seasons changes, so do the plants that can be harvest in that particular time. So, Russian value their food because it only comes seasonally. So does mushroom. Eating healthy is the Diet Secret Of Russian Women For You To Copy. for several reasons. You can preserve them for winter, it can also replace when they are no meat anywhere to be found. So, at first picking mushrooms is a part of the food source. 

Now, people do it for getting out to the outdoor. Making a reason to move and get out of the house and enjoying hours of walking. Gathering mushrooms is almost a scavenger hunt that people get addicted to. All for the right reasons.

5. Pick mushrooms correctly

Is there any rule on picking mushroom? not really, but people do have some sort of ritual to make mushroom hunting a lot easier. 

  • Go hunting early in the morning. You will see better and can enjoy the nice fresh morning air. 
  • If you find one mushroom, search for the surrounding. Most likely they grow in groups. 
  • Experienced pickers can identify what tree grow certain kind of mushrooms
  • Do not go hunting with no preparation. Bring the right tools such as a knife and basket. You want to make sure the mycelium is not damaged. 
  • Mushroom can absorb dangerous and poisonous chemicals. SO, looking for them in areas such as factory or plantation can make edible mushroom poisonous. 
  • To prevent mushroom from dry out you can put some grass on them.
  • Taking a woven basket is more practical than a plastic bag to gather your mushroom. It is also more healthy. 
  • You better clean the mushrooms that you have collected right away. It can stay fresh longer that way. 
  • Mushrooms in the fridge can stay fresh longer, but people prefer to cook them right away. They are still fresh and the festivities are still high

Picking mushroom is so much more then a hunt, it’s a hide-and-seek game where everyone wins. It is a Way To Heal Yourself At Home With Russian Remedies from making sure to eat healthy to enjoying a day in the wild. So many Russians and even tourist find joy in this simple leisure.

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