Don’t Be Careless! Keep On Your Mind About These Flower Etiquette Before Give It

Flowers are not only beautiful but also symbolic. There are more than words that giving flower represents to help people when having a hard time expressing their feelings. Yet, it is a different meaning when you are in Russia. There is a thing or two about “Flower Gifting Etiquette In Russia” that people must know. What you think you know about the general flower rules, are slightly different in Russia.

All You Need To Know About Giving Flower In Russia

If you ever have the chance to come to Russia, then the first thing to notice is beds of flower in common Russia street. You don’t need to long to notice that Russian most likely see the flower on every occasion. One may start to wonder “What’s with all the flowers?” And the answers lied deep in the Russian tradition of flower-giving. Nope, they do not save up flower for a special occasion, in Russia flower is part of their language. Affection, gratitude, condolence, The Meanings Of Flower In Russia express various feeling and it is a well-known fact. So, get your facts right when giving flowers, before offending anyone. 

1. Flower Is A Must In Certain Events

There is a special occasion that you simply can not come without a bouquet of some sort. It is the very first rule out getting a Quaintance and socializing in Russia. When do you think it is a must to bring flowers to events? here are more thought for giving flowers.

  • It is usual to come and bring flower when dating. Flowers is the Effective Steps Of How To Date a Russian WOman. Do not forget anniversaries and birthday too. It is the ultimate crucial not to forget.
  • Visiting someone in a bad occasion. The flower is a symbol of sorrow when it comes to coming to funeral or hospital. Flowers meant to bring some light to the dark days. There are much meaning of the flower, one of them is sympathy. 
  • Coming over to someone house. Bring a bottle of wine and flower is the basic out tease. It is considered the foundation to almost every Russian Etiquette Lesson How to Properly Social act in the society. S0, knowing the basic visiting rules is also important. 

2. The symbolic language of flowers

You do not need to say much when you got a bouquet of flower in your hands. There is a flower language that can deliver your message to the receiver. As you travel through Russia you may notice there are many flower store and shop. It is how important flower represent the unspoken words. It is crucial to understand the meaning of behind some of the most beautiful Russian flower bouquet. To avoid mishaps and awkwardness, you need to remember the basic rules of flower arrangement

  • The odd number of flowers. You may think that giving a dozen of the flower is a great idea. For Russian, there are Rules To Arrange A Flower Bouquet In Russia that you need to know before making one. Make the bouquet in a bunch of red roses. Believe it instead of a dozen, better to give in an odd number, such as thirteen.
  • Flowers for dating. If you’re just starting going out with a woman. You can give flowers with lighters share. While there are Etiquette Of Dating Russian Woman. As the relationship develops, you have a darker shade of flower. What an interesting fact to discovers.
  • Find out Flower meanings. Do not be ashamed to ask the florist what occasion you need the flower arrangement. They know their flower even more. It prevents you from giving the wrong shades of colour to the common knowledge. Yellow is associated with break-ups, surely you do not want to bring those in your first day of dating.
  • Flowers In Pots. Although it is more long-lasting, giving flowers in pots has a rule of its own. It is more suitable for people that you know well or more older women with no personal feelings attached.

3. Various Flowers In Russia Culture

Of course, there are many kinds of flower to choose from. So, do not mistake on taking some flowers because of their different meaning. Particularly in Russia, there are different flowers and its relation to the Russian 

  • Carnations are associated with many Russian holidays. So be careful not to use that type of flower to just any occasion. 
  • Russian do not believe in plastic flowers. Choose fresh flowers, and make them nice and stay fresh for a long time that we’re presented with love and affection. 
  • Never give a Russan man flowers. It is considered inappropriate to do so Unless it is their 50th or 60th birthday. If you do find the right occasion then there are Russian Flowers For Bouquets to look more manly. Some of them include darker and large flowers.

That is some of the etiquettes for flower-giving in Russia, we encourage to try them out and go and buy some. You can always treat yourself with flowers if there isn’t anyone you can give the flower to. 

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