6 Things to Prepare for Heli-Ski in Kamchatka

In the furthest east of Russia, arranged between the Okhotsk Sea toward the West and the Bering Sea toward the East, the Kamchatka Peninsula is a remote and confined land that is the size of Germany, Austria and Switzerland joined with a populace of only 377,900 – 250,000 of whom live in the capital Petropavlovsk. […]

Things to Do in Kizhi Island in This Winter Season

Kizhi Island is an excellent place in Russia to unwind during the holiday. However, during the winter season, a visit would be very perfect. Remember there will not be any guides, so you will need one because otherwise, you will not really get the hang of anything about the structures there. Kizhi Island, situated in […]

How Important Picking Mushroom According to Russian Culture

Almost nowhere else in the entire world that people will have so much joy roaming the forest and picking out mushroom. Noone can do mushroom hunting quite like the Russian. Call it what you want. A sport or a cultural event, picking out Mushrooms is a moment all Russian enjoy and proud of. With various […]

9 Best Outdoor Activities To do When You Live in Kazan

Outdoor activities in Kazan is very diverse. As in any major city, in Kazan there are many places offer an entertainment program for every generation. There are landmarks and architectural for people who love classical, and there are concert and theater for those who love art and culture. If you wish to find out more about […]