4 Most Popular Hiking Trails In Krasnaya Polyana Russia

When you are on vacation, there are many activities you can do. If you like to taste new food, you can go to new places and try new cuisines. If you like to explore nature, there are many attractions or places you can go to. You can visit the zoo to learn about various kinds […]

4 Summer Things You Can Do In A Russian Mountain Resort In Krasnaya Polyana

When we are talking about a mountain resort, we must be thinking that we can only do activities there during the winter. If you have been looking for going there during summer for vacation, you can start to make the plan from now. One of the most popular and luxurious mountain resorts in Russia is […]

Discover 4 Things To Do In Krasnaya Polyana During The Holiday

Krasnaya Polyana is a city in Sochi which is known as an urban-type settlement. This city is categorized into the resort settlements type, which means the area is focusing on resorts and health facilities development and populated by at least 2,000 people. Nationally, this place is very famous for its ski resort. Yes, it is […]

4 Everlasting Things You Can Do Any Season Only In Sochi

As one of the cities in Russia, Sochi is popular as the resort city. With this title, it is very natural for many people to expect to find many attractive places and activities in Sochi. What makes this place is even more interesting is the fact that it has subtropical weather. This means you are […]

3 Interesting Places To Spend On Holiday In Sochi

Sochi is one of the cities in Russia which popular as Russia’s largest resort city. As a resort city, Sochi has tourism as the main component of its economy. As the largest resort city, Sochi has a pretty big population. According to the census, there is an increase from 2002 to 2010. In 2002, there […]

What You Need To Know About Alexander Nevsky Cathedral In Novosibirsk

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3 Reasons for Bugrinsky Bridge’s Construction in Novosibirsk

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Things You Should Prepare To Visit Shchudrovskaya Palatka In Ivanovo

There are many places you can choose in Russia where you can go to and stay in for some nights. For example, if you like going to museums, Yekaterinburg is a good choice for you. This is the fourth largest city in Russia and has more than 30 museums in it. Of course, it is […]

Let’s Enjoy the Impressive Natural Sense In The Botanical Garden, Vladivostok

When you are bored of visiting places all over the cities, such as museums, monuments, or art exhibitions, you can go to different places, ones that can give you the enjoyment of natural sense. That is right, we are talking about going to the botanical garden. Spending time at the kind of site that serves […]

How’s Mysterious Yakutia According to Foreigner Views?

There are many things about a city or country which can be tourist-attracting. Among those many things, the mysterious stories or local legends is one of them. For example, one of the federal subjects of Russia called Krasnoyarsk Krai has a popular place, “The Devil’s Graveyard”. From the name, you can tell right away that […]