Things You Should Prepare To Visit Shchudrovskaya Palatka In Ivanovo

There are many places you can choose in Russia where you can go to and stay in for some nights. For example, if you like going to museums, Yekaterinburg is a good choice for you. This is the fourth largest city in Russia and has more than 30 museums in it. Of course, it is […]

Catch Up the Instagramable View at The Houseboat in Ivanovo

Not just the large cities in Russia that has a stunning view and Instagram worthy landmarks. A smaller city like Ivanovo has some interesting spot for you and your family to take a peek. If you ask common Russian about this city. Their best answer is that Ivanovo is better known as “The City Of […]

The Philosophy of Onion Festival in Ivanovo

These days gastronomic has managed to get people getting to know better the food in their plate. Not only how to decorate your meal and indulge your appetite but also look back into the culture behind it. Generally, people would not expect Russia would be so diverse and rich. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and […]

6 Reasons Why Ivanovo is called The City of Brides

City of Brides is a widespread unofficial name for the city of Ivanovo in Russia. It is used in colloquial speech, in the press, on the Internet. It is mainly distributed among residents of other cities of Russia. It is a registered trademark of a large Ivanovo food company, and is also used as a […]