Things You Should Prepare To Visit Shchudrovskaya Palatka In Ivanovo

There are many places you can choose in Russia where you can go to and stay in for some nights. For example, if you like going to museums, Yekaterinburg is a good choice for you. This is the fourth largest city in Russia and has more than 30 museums in it. Of course, it is […]

Magical History of Kostroma, a City Founded by Yuri Dolgoruky

Kostroma is an ancient city in Russia with a very rich historical background. It is the administrative center of the Kostroma region, a large port on the Volga. Kostroma is located 301 km northeast of Moscow, on the Kostroma Lowland, on both banks of the Volga and the old estuary of the Kostroma River. The […]

9 Beautiful World Heritage Sites in Russia you should visit!

Russia is no short of UNESCO world heritage sites. In total there are 28 recognized sites, in which 17 sites are cultural, while the other 11 are natural. The abundance of these sites will make a lifetime not enough to explore all of them. Therefore, Here we’ve made a list of the 9 Beautiful World […]