4 Most Popular Hiking Trails In Krasnaya Polyana Russia

When you are on vacation, there are many activities you can do. If you like to taste new food, you can go to new places and try new cuisines. If you like to explore nature, there are many attractions or places you can go to. You can visit the zoo to learn about various kinds of animals. You can also go to the botanical garden where you can observe plenty of vegetations. Besides those two things, if you enjoy sightseeing, you can also go for a hike. This is a fun way to exercise, sightseeing, and learn about your surroundings. So, here are 4 Most Popular Hiking Trails In Krasnaya Polyana Russia.

Hiking In Krasnaya Polyana Russia

  • Waterfall Hiking “Kivu”

One of the most highlighted places in Krasnaya Polyana is the Keivu waterfall during the spring weather. The track starts at Krasnaya Polyana from which you are going to walk past the camp of the Ministry of Defence. From there, you will walk around 500 meters to go up the steep slope. The panorama from this point is very worth the hike. You will see the beautiful view of the Aibga range, which is a little part of the Roza Khutor plateau. You can also enjoy the sight of the Estosadok village, which is located 4 kilometers upstream from Krasnaya Polyana. Another thing you will not miss is the sight of the Russian Hills Olympic ski jumping complex.

After 5 hours of walking through an easy trail, you will get to watch the shower of the Keivu waterfall. This is indeed a place where you can take many pictures to memorize your experience. One thing to remember is to make sure to climb the waterfall rock so you can enjoy the extraordinary view from above.

  • Waterfall Hiking “Polikarya”

One of the most popular hiking trails in Krasnaya Polyana Russia is waterfall hiking “Polikarya’. Why? Because this is one of the highest waterfalls in Sochi and Europe. The starting point of this adventure is the Estosadok village. From there, you will ride a cable car that will get you to the point of 960 meters above the sea level. Up there, the hiking guide will show you a beautiful overview of the area while telling you the story about the resort’s architecture and history.

When you are going to the waterfall, you will walk past the mountain skiing slopes. The path is surrounded by giant trees and mountain streams. Make sure to go there during the sunny weather and you will see the fantastic view of the Achishho range.

After walking for about 5 hours, you will reach the 70-meter-height Polikarya waterfall. At this point, you are 1000 meters high from the starting point. It might sound like a long hike but you do not need to worry because the track is easy. The hours you spend to get there are worth the beauty of the Polikarya waterfall. While you are there, remember to take some pictures to remind yourself of the great time you had there.

  • Hiking To The Bzerpi Peak

The beginning of the hiking is at the cable cars of the Alpika Service, the place where you get all the information about the ski resort. Then, you will ride on the cable car and see the beautiful view of the Olympics facilities and Aibga range. The view from the top of nature and the resort’s scope is amazing. From this point, you will start to walk up to the Bear Gates all through to the Tabun mountain to the Bzerpi Peak. The peak is located 500-meter-height from the starting point which at this place, you can have some rest and enjoy your lunch. At the end of the trip, you can walk to the ropeway and take the cable car again to go down to the starting point.

  • Hiking to Zerkal’noe (Mirror) Lake

Among many favorite destinations, Zerkal’noe (Mirror) Lake is one of the most popular hiking trails in Krasnaya Polyana Russia. This trip is started at the Vertodrom, a bus stop at the Krasnaya Polyana Ski Resort. You are going to walk up the hill where you will go past the village and reach the dolmens, where people usually stop to say a wish and meditate. As you hike the mountain, you will find the Beshenka river right across your pathway (you can swim here!). For the next 40 minutes, you will experience a walk on the steep rise. You will feel tired but once you reach the sacrificial stone, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful Krasnaya Polyana and the Aibga range. From there, you just need to take the road to the  Zerkal’noe (Mirror) Lake where you can have lunch and fill your bottles up with pure water. As usual, save the memories by taking some pictures while you are there!

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