3 Reasons for Bugrinsky Bridge’s Construction in Novosibirsk

When you are going on vacation to any cities or countries, there are many things that you can observe while you are strolling along. Some buildings displayed the architectural characteristics of certain eras. There are also many museums or art exhibitions where you can learn about history. For people who love nature, there are also […]

Locals suggested you not to visit these 6 haunted places in Russia

Russia has been existed since immemorial time, and this continent-spanning country holds a multitude of haunted places regarding the length of time the country was established. Some places have ever in their golden time, been a home of happy family, been a place for people jobs and been the nation’s pride until at a time, […]

5 Most Famous Historical Places in Russia That Will Amaze You

Every nation has history that leaves some historical places behind. This also includes Russia. As the biggest country in the world, Russia experienced change of power. They also faced the bitterness of World War. That history crafts stories and built some buildings that the people can see today. Those historical buildings can tell some untold […]