Let’s Enjoy the Impressive Natural Sense In The Botanical Garden, Vladivostok

When you are bored of visiting places all over the cities, such as museums, monuments, or art exhibitions, you can go to different places, ones that can give you the enjoyment of natural sense. That is right, we are talking about going to the botanical garden. Spending time at the kind of site that serves you with a natural view will impress you. There are many natural places you can choose from. For example, when you are in England, there is this city called North Yorkshire. This town has Helmsley Walled Garden, a five-acre garden that is home to hundreds of vegetables and fruits’ varieties. What makes this particular garden is an exciting location to spend time in is the colorful glasshouses. Besides that, now the Helmsley Walled Garden also has the edible flower garden, a new attraction which is not only a beautiful view but also a good knowledge-sharing of flowers you can put into the mix of your salads and other dishes.

As stated before, you can easily find botanical gardens wherever you are traveling. For example, when you are in Brooklyn, New York, there is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a 52-acre site located next to the Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. This city attraction has 900,000 visitors every year, coming to be impressed by the gardens within the garden. Not only it has various gardens inside but the Brooklyn Botanic Garden also has some community programs. They offer residential and commercial gardening programs to many communities and associations. Besides that, they also make a contest of Greenest Block in Brooklyn. Thanks to this the neighborhood gets more beautiful.

There are just two of many botanical gardens you can spend time in. You can also find a natural place in Russia, specifically in Primorsky Krai. Let’s enjoy the impressive natural sense in the botanical garden, Vladivostok.

The Naturally Beautiful Vladivostok

  • The Fight For The Vladivostok Botanical Garden

The process of keeping the existence of a natural location is not always smooth. The Vladivostok Botanical Garden is one of the examples. In 2010, there was a construction of the bypass road and because of this, the garden was sacrificed. Many trees were destroyed and the fertile ground was removed. In conclusion, the ecosystem was disturbed. The damage caused by this construction cost 12 million rubles. The contractor refused to pay the compensation but the people did not let this happen. They made an action along with many enthusiasts and thanks to that, there were 1000 cedars on the 6-hectare land.

  • The Largest Garden

As stated above, the Vladivostok botanical garden is located in Primorsky Krai, one of Russia’s federal subjects in the far east region. In this area, it is the largest garden and among the other attractions, it is the most visited one. It is no wonder because this garden is the home not only to the far east region’s magnificent various vegetations but also to many kinds of exotic plants.

The area of the Vladivostok botanical garden is naturally covered with inhomogeneous forest. While you are strolling along the path of the garden, you can easily spot the complex structure of the mixed forest. From the 300-year-old cedars and oaks to Amur linden, it is an understatement to say that this botanical garden is rich with many kinds of plants. Why? Because it is the only place where you can find ancient flora, ginkgo Biloba, a relict of the tertiary period, not to mention several species of juniper, pine, spruce, larch, fir and many other kinds of conifers.

Of course, the Vladivostok botanical garden does not only reserve outdoor plants but it also takes care of thousands of indoor plants. The greenhouses within the garden is a host to 780 species and breeds of tropical and subtropical plants as well. As the largest garden in the far east region, this botanical garden has the biggest collection of chrysanthemums, irises, roses, tulips, daffodils, dahlias, and lilacs.

What makes your visit in this particular botanical garden memorable is the exhibition of its 120 rare and endangered plants. Among those plants, 50 of them are on the Red List. It also has a pond in which they take care of goldfishes. You can watch them swimming along the pond by the bridge built over it.

  • The Flower Conservatory

Many people that have been here given the same response when they are asked about the Vladivostok botanical garden: they love the flower conservatory. You can enjoy your time by strolling the conservatory where there are azaleas, tulips, hyacinths, camellia and orchids all over it. Can you imagine being surrounded by many beautiful colored flowers? Come in February and you can see them all blossoming while enjoying the fresh air 😊

  • The Botanical Garden Institute

The Vladivostok botanical garden has an institution consists of 55 researchers, including 12 doctors and 28 candidates of sciences. Everybody there makes a comprehensive study of floras. Their work is not only internationally recognized but also popular among visitors. They make special educational programs where people can learn about many things such as plants growing, flower cultivation, park gardening, landscape design, and exhibitions organizing. There is also Rhododendron Day held by the institution where there are stalls of plants, foods, and entertainment.

As a research institute, it also functions in developing or creating the plants’ varieties. This purpose is realized by the born of the biotechnology laboratory inside of the institute. Their first experiment of cloning plants and flowers has already begun. This process is intended to produce vegetations in a massive volume. In the future, it is targeted that the botanical garden institute will become the regional research center of plants and ecosystems.

Now, we know that Vladivostok is a must-visit place. Don’t wait any longer, let’s enjoy the impressive natural sense in the botanical garden, Vladivostok!

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