4 Summer Things You Can Do In A Russian Mountain Resort In Krasnaya Polyana

When we are talking about a mountain resort, we must be thinking that we can only do activities there during the winter. If you have been looking for going there during summer for vacation, you can start to make the plan from now. One of the most popular and luxurious mountain resorts in Russia is in Krasnaya Polyana. This urban-type settlement has a great climate that makes only the top of the mountain covered by snow. Thanks to this, you can visit the mountain resort even when it is not winter. If you love to spend your summer vacation there, these are the 4 summer things you can do in a Russian mountain resort in Krasnaya Polyana.

Summer Vacation In The Mountain Resort Of Krasnaya Polyana

  • An Open-Air Complex

One of the summer things you can do in a Russian mountain resort in Krasnaya Polyana is strolling around the open-air complex in the Caucasus. When you are coming to this place, you will hear the beautiful sound of the water flowing in the river Achipse which located close to the open-air complex. The area is indeed maintained very well but it never loses its natural characteristics. Thanks to this the open-air complex are still suitable to be the home of many Caucasus’ indigenous animals. Not only you will get fresh air during your visit there, but also the knowledge of natural habitations of animals.

In this open-air complex, there is a territory intended especially for the volier. At this spot, there are various kinds of animals, such as raccoon dog, graceful lynx, majestic Caucasian bison, chic bears, and deer.  This kind of attraction will be very interesting for tourists off all ages. Besides that, if you like to do a little bit of exercise while sightseeing, you can take a hike up the beautiful territory of the complex. As you get higher, you will see the overview panorama of the amazing open-air complex.

  • Ahshtyrskaya Cave

There are many places outside, in the open nature, where we can enjoy the holiday while enriching our knowledge.  Besides the open-air complex, there is the ancient Ahshtyrskaya Cave that is worth your time. This place is a multilayered archaeological site which has been researched for a very long time by many scientists. So, while you are exploring the cave, you will hear the tourist guide explains many interesting facts about the cave during the Paleolithic times.

  • Dzikhrinsky Gorge

During your summer vacation, one of the summer things you can do in a Russian mountain resort in Krasnaya Polyana is going to the Dzikhrinsky Gorge. This area is formed on the site where river Mzymta and river Psou are merged. Everything in this area is in harmony. You can get across the rivers by walking over the wooden bridge constructed over both rivers. This area is surrounded by the majestic mountain. Besides that, it is beautified by the sight of the new freeway. The big picture of Dzikhrinsky Gorge is a good enough reason to come and spend your time in Krasnaya Polyana.

  • Kardyvach And Maly Kardyvach Lakes

For a long time, Krasnaya Polyana has been famous as a place with a high level of mineral water. It was even used to be famous for its pilgrimage to the sources of the mineral water that had happened for centuries. Things changed ever since this city became the host of the Olympics. Many constructions limited the routes and opportunities for people to find the mineral water’s sources. But, worry not! You can still find the spots that are rich in water and picturesque. One of them is the Kardyvach lake. This 500-meter long and 300-meter wide lake is located 1850 meters above the sea level.

Surrounding the lake is the granite rocks. Besides that, there are many kinds of plants that make the whole are even more stunning. The majestic birches, the spruce trees, and the alpine motley grass enhance the whole area of the Kardyvach lake. But this lake is not the only place of water that will leave you mesmerized. If you are going higher, you will see the Maly Kardyvach lake, which is located 2472 meters above sea level. The purity of the water is amazing. What makes it even better is the fact that the water has ice fragments in the mixture. This is the reason that during winter, this lake is turned into a solid layer of ice which gives it a magical look.

Now, we know the 4 summer things you can do in a Russian mountain resort in Krasnaya Polyana! No need to be worried anymore because now you know all the summer activities that will help you to pass the time!

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