Things You Should Prepare To Visit Shchudrovskaya Palatka In Ivanovo

There are many places you can choose in Russia where you can go to and stay in for some nights. For example, if you like going to museums, Yekaterinburg is a good choice for you. This is the fourth largest city in Russia and has more than 30 museums in it. Of course, it is not only famous for its historical value and knowledge inside their museums but also its cultural atmosphere. If you enjoy watching art performance, you can easily find theatres, playwrights, and dance companies show all over the city.

If you are the kind of traveler that loves summer, you must visit Sochi. Its subtropical climate and great beaches attract many visitors, especially the fact that it has a pedestrian-only sea embankment. In this area, you can stroll around while just enjoying the weather and the view. If you like the cold season, worry not! Sochi is a great place for winter as well. This is proved by the Sochi’s role as the host for some winter sports, such as the 2014 Winter Olympics. It was also the host of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix and 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Who does not know the Trans-Siberian Railway? The last stop of this track is Vladivostok, Russia’s largest port. Attractions such as museums and theatres are very common to find in the city. The place you cannot miss while you are here is the Minny Gorodok. This lovely park is used to be a military base. And, since it is Russia’s largest port, it has a museum in the theme of the submarine in the Admiralsky Skver, the city’s main square

Besides those three cities, you must also visit the Ivanovo. This city is located around 254 kilometers from Moscow and is the capital of Ivanovo Urban Okrug. Ivanovo has many attractions and one of them is Schudrovskaya Palatka. So, we are going to talk about the things you should prepare to visit Schudrovskaya Palatka in Ivanovo. We also will find out more about Ivanovo.

The Great Tourist Destination Ivanovo

  • The History Of Ivanovo

Ivanovo has always been popular for its title as the city of the textile manufacturing industry. But, in getting this nickname was not always a smooth process. In the early of the 20th century, Ivanovo had a rival, Lodz. Lodz, which at that time was a part of the Russian Empire, competed with Ivanovo who got the first place of the primary textile production center of Europe. Ivanovo was even got bombed in World War 2. But, thankfully, this condition was handled immediately. That is why even after the war, Ivanovo still functioned in the textile industry. Their endurance to overcome the issue is incredible. They got their reputation when in the 1960s, the city became upper-economic council’s center.

  • The Attractions of Ivanovo

When you are in Ivanovo, there are many city attractions worth your time. One of the most interesting ones is the buildings in the city center which constructed during the era of constructionism. The architectural journey or development can also be seen in other sites. For example, the experiments of architects from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the local ones, are displayed in the Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Among many of those buildings are First Workers’ Settlement, the earliest examples of the city garden. Besides those buildings, there are also monuments which constructed as an honor to the revolutionaries, such as Red Talka. Houses of the famous Ivanovites are also reserved well. One of the examples is the main house of I.N. Polushin, the place of the Soviet government’s first declaration.

  • Schudrovskaya Palatka in Ivanovo

Schudrovskaya Palatka is one of the attractions of the ancient in Ivanovo. As the object of cultural heritage, it has to be maintained so well so that tourists can witness the condition, at least the closest condition, from the real era of these attractions. Schudrovskaya is a building from the 17th century. When you enter this site, you will notice right away the wooden flooring. The construction was fully made in bricks. Because of its centuries of age, this site has been repaired repeatedly. In spite of that, the historical look never leaves the house.

So, what are the things you should prepare to visit Schudrovskaya Palatka in Ivanovo? There is nothing much to prepare. You just have to get yourself ready to learn about this tent, which is considered to be a monument of architecture’s federal significance. Yes, when you see it, it looks like a common hut, a building with a plain white look with a dark wooden roof. Despite the appearance, Schudrovskaya is one of the symbols of the city. This city symbol has been through a lot during the ups and downs of the Soviet era. In the 1920s, the Schudrovskaya received the status of an architectural monument and thanks to that, it got some repaired. The occurred issue was not only caused by the Soviet’s condition in general but also by the fact that this tent was constructed in the tract of the Kokuy stream. This condition made the structure of the building gone almost two-meter underground.  So, the building which used to be a two-story, got its first story dug up due to this condition. Not long after being repaired, the base fell again. This time was caused by constant weathering. That was the time when it was decided to turn the building into a one-story tent.

You can imagine now that the Schudrovskaya is a small tent. At that time, the 17th century, this tent was a hut functioned as the administrative center of the village. So, when you get inside the tent, you will see two rooms. The big one was the place to keep notebooks and referee books for recording the farmers’ annual fee or natural produce. While the small one is to keep the administration of the reduction for the prince Cherkasssky.

Now, we have learned about Ivanovo and the Schudrovskaya. Let’s plan your next vacation to go there!

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