4 Everlasting Things You Can Do Any Season Only In Sochi

As one of the cities in Russia, Sochi is popular as the resort city. With this title, it is very natural for many people to expect to find many attractive places and activities in Sochi. What makes this place is even more interesting is the fact that it has subtropical weather. This means you are going to have many different activities when you come to Sochi in any season. So, here are 4 everlasting things you can do any season only in Sochi.

Visit Sochi Any Season

  • Summer

What is one of the everlasting things you can do any season only in Sochi? Since Sochi is located on the coast of the Black Sea, you are going to have many options for activities in the sea are. You can go for a swim or just lay down to sunbathe while enjoying the view of both the sea and the mountains. Besides that, you can also ride on a catamaran, sailing, or motor yacht. This trip on the sea will get you the chance to admire the landscape of Sochi while witnessing the extraordinary architectural monuments all over Sochi. Another way for sightseeing, which will be very fun for those who enjoy an adventure, is by getting into the balloon flight or even doing paragliding. Fun right?

  • Winter

During the winter, you definitely must be in Krasnaya Polyana, a resort village which is called “Russian Switzerland”. This resort is located 600 meters above the sea level with snow that covers the mountain. So you can imagine that this place is a perfect area to go skiing or snowboarding. If you love extreme skiing, you can get into the helicopter which will take you to the very top of the mountain, which height is 2000 meters above the sea level.

What makes enjoying the winter in Krasnaya Polyana a unique experience is a fact that you can enjoy both the skiing and the sea. After being cold while skiing, you can warm yourself up by jumping into the warm sea. If skiing is not enough adventure for you, you can also go for a mountain climb. That way you can also observe the landscape of the mountain. But, one thing you must remember is that in the mountains, the temperature decrease by 6o in every thousand meters. So, if you decide to go skiing or mountain climbing, make sure you wear warm clothes.

  • Autumn

During autumn, the weather will be warm, which is perfect for visiting open-air museums or parks. The best park you can go to is the Arboretum Park. This park is the home to 1800 varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs. Not only vegetation, but the Arboretum Park has also housed many kinds of fishes. It has a huge marine aquarium where you can observe 14-27 species fishes. They get all of them from the Black Sea. Besides walking around the park, you can also take a ride on the cable car. Since the park is separated into two parts, the bottom and the top (which is located on the steep mountain slope), taking the cable car will be so much fun. Not only that you do not need to hike, but you also can enjoy the scenic overview of Arboretum Park.

Another tourists’ favorite besides the Arboretum Park is the Ahun’s Mountain Watchtower. The highest point of the mountain is 633 meters above sea level. On the mountain, you can climb the tower which height is 30,5 meters. That way, you will be amazed by the mesmerizing view of the Black Sea coast. Worry not! If getting into the top of the watchtower is not enough for you, you can go and ride the Ferris wheel.

  • Spring

When is the best time to pamper yourself by taking care of your body and health? Spring is the answer! Stalin was used to coming to Sochi to go to the bathhouse where he took care of his rheumatism. As a resort city, this is indeed the best place to treat yourself. You will find at least 100 spa places and health resorts in Sochi where they will offer you many kinds of treatments. They even can provide treatment for a serious health condition such as heart disease. It is all thanks to 50 mineral springs and large reserves of therapeutic muds that Sochi’s spas and health resorts can provide therapies for your health.

One of the most recommended places is the Matsesta bath. This place is Russia’s largest therapeutic and disease-preventive complex. Just like the definition of Matsesta which is “fire water”, this complex is rich with hydrogen sulfide. People claim that “fire water” can work miracles for many kinds of conditions.

Now we know the 4 everlasting things you can do any season only in Sochi. Which season you are going to visit Sochi?

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