How’s Mysterious Yakutia According to Foreigner Views?

There are many things about a city or country which can be tourist-attracting. Among those many things, the mysterious stories or local legends is one of them. For example, one of the federal subjects of Russia called Krasnoyarsk Krai has a popular place, “The Devil’s Graveyard”. From the name, you can tell right away that this is a place with mystery. When you ask the locals, many of them will tell similar stories. Some people state that when they herd their cows from one village to another, they will come across a large field with black soil. All over it, they see the remains of wild animals, birds, and cows. People even say that the leaves will turn to black when they touch the ground of “The Devil’s Graveyard”. The effect also happens to human bodies. The natives say they even feel intense pain in the head, teeth, and stomach whenever they come near the place. Even some devices, such as compasses and watches cannot function in that area. That is why it is difficult to analyze or make a study to identify the anomaly of this place.

There is also another place in Russia which popular for its peculiar story. This place is Urzhum, located 480 miles from Moscow. There is a lake in this town that nobody dares to go to neither for fishing nor a swim. The lake is surrounded by a forest and in the middle of it, there is a fountain that produces low hum, which you can hear even from a far-away distance. The folk tale told among the locals is that a long time ago, there was a battle between two tribes, one who believed in the good gods and one who believed in the evil spirits. The tale says that the later prayed to their gods to hypnotized their enemies into killing themselves. This curse caused sorrow among the wives and children that their tears formed the lake. It is believed that under this lake is where the evil spirits live and that they created the fountain so nobody will be brave enough to swim there. That is why this lake is called Shaitan Lake, which in Tatar, shaitan means devil.

If you enjoy that kind of traditional story, you cannot miss going to Yakutia. Yakutia, just like those towns mentioned above, is located in Russia. Officially, Yakutia is known as the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). So, how’s mysterious Yakutia according to foreigner views? Let’s find out about that

The Peculiar Yakutia

  • The Freezing Weather

When the word “Yakutia” is mentioned, the foreigner will remember its weather right away. This peculiar republic can reach the temperature below than the freezing point during the winter. Can you imagine that if you go there during the cold weather, you are going to experience living at the temperature of -35oC.

As if that extremely cold weather is not enough, add covered-by-ice sea into the mixture. This sea, the Eastern Siberian Seas, the one that washes the land of Yakutia, is covered by ice for 9-10 months each year. So, now, you have almost the complete picture of Yakutia. The cold weather and the ice surrounding the land is completed by the permafrost that coats 40% of Yakutia’s ground. This condition affects the ecology of the vegetation in the region. When you travel to this part of Russia, you will easily spot the lichen, moss, Siberian pine, and larch.

Having that very intense weather is beneficial.  The super chilly degree helps Yakutia to maintain the condition of the prehistoric animals’ bodies. There are various kinds of animals being preserved there, such as cave lion, mammoth, rhinoceros, bison, and horses. The very low temperature of Yakutia makes so many archeological animals can be preserved well.

  • The Death Valley

So, what is the answer to the question “how’s mysterious Yakutia according to foreigner views?”? The death valley is the answer. Foreigners who love traveling to not only enjoy their vacation but also collecting the local stories know about the legendary death valley. This valley located in Yakutia, specifically in the town of Mirny, is where the tale takes place. The locals state that there is a red metal cauldron, with edges as sharp as razors, buried so deep in the ground. A little part of the cauldron is sticking out of the groud. According to the natives, people who spend the night there will wake up feeling ill and weak and have a headache at the same time. This legend has been shared among the people since the 19th century when there were even some locals that said they witnessed a one-eyed giant sleeping underneath the cauldron.

The death valley attracts not only the locals but also foreigners. Many expeditions are held to find its location but they end with no result. This is caused by the geographic condition that has been changed naturally from time to time. The hard-to-find valley is beneficial for Yakutia. This becomes one of the attractions that grow the interest of many travelers to come and look for the peculiar death valley.

  • The People Of Yakutia

When we were talking about the beyond-imagination freezing weather in Yakutia, did you think about how the people can do their activities normally? This is also another question of “how’s mysterious Yakutia according to foreigner views?”. Even the foreigners who come from 4-season countries find this incredible. The Yakutia’s locals have been very familiar with the cold. For example, people who work at the building sites will remain at work when the temperature reaches up to -50oC. Children also still go to school and will get a day off only if it is as cold as below -55oC. slightly different regulation for kindergartens who can stay at home if it hits -50oC.

Since it is the nature of the weather, people prefer winter to summer. During the summer, the temperature hits between 30oC and 35oC. The buildings do not provide air conditioners while, at the same time, the air is filled with mosquitos and midges. Sounds worse than winter right? Now, we have to learn about the mysterious Yakutia. Makes you want to travel there soon, right?

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