Another Sides of Sochi Russia, Sea-Touching Your Feelings

Have you ever visited Russia? Maybe there are some people who have come to Russia and some have not.

Many people know Russia because of the big cities there like Moscow and St. Petersburg. But did you know that in Russia there is a city called Sochi? Maybe the name of the city of Sochi is still a little less recognizable by most people. Even for someone who once visited Russia.

So that you know more about the city of Sochi, let’s look at another side of Sochi Russia, sea-touching your feelings.

Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The city is located on the Black Sea coast and is near the border between Georgia / Abkhazia and Russia. The area of the city is around 176.77 square kilometers or 68.25 square miles. Sochi city became the largest resort city in Russia. The city is also one of the few places in Russia that has a subtropical climate. Where the summer there is warm and tends to be hot and winter there feels cool.

The city of Sochi has also hosted many major events. In 2014, it hosted the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Paralympic Winter Olympics. Since 2014 until at least 2020, Sochi has hosted the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix. In 2018, the city also hosted the FIFA World Cup.

But behind all the good things in the city of Sochi, there is another side of Sochi Russia that has not been widely known to people. To inform you, in this article will discuss another side of Sochi Russia, sea-touching your feelings.

  • The Sad and Miserable Life in The Corner of Sochi

Behind the grandeur that is at some point in Sochi Russia, there are still areas where the population has a sad and miserable life. One of them is a resident of the city of Sochi who lives on Jalan 5a Akatsy. The residents there have lived for years without running water and also without a sewage system. Is not it sad?

These conditions are very inversely proportional to the luxury of the Olympic program being prepared in the city. There are also many communal latrines that are forced to be torn down because they are too close to new roads being built. The building being torn down was also considered an eyesore around the new street.

  • The Dark Side of The Construction for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Development carried out to prepare for the 2014 Winter Olympics in fact not all have a good impact on the population there and also the surrounding environment. For residents living around the Olympic construction area, the development has made their lives more miserable and sadder. Construction of new highways in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics has cut their lives from the city center.

There were also complaints that came from Akhshtyr villagers. They complained about the existence of illegal landfills. It is operated by the contractor of the Olympics. The illegal landfill has polluted the air in the surrounding environment and also contaminate and polluted the flow of water supply in Sochi.

  • Slums in Sochi

Another hidden dark side of the city of Sochi in Russia is a slum of the population. The slum stands side by side with a new development project for the preparation of Sochi which hosts the Winter Olympics. Though the new development project received praise from the President of Russia and was called a transformation from Russia to a successful modern economy.

Thousands of ordinary residents living in the Sochi area must endure poverty and also the impact of environmental waste. This waste comes from the construction of the Olympic project. There are families of residents of the Sochi area whose houses are drowning, severe power outages and so on. Isn’t that very inversely proportional to what is seen in the media?

  • Environmental Damage in Sochi

The residents who live in the area of Sochi and tourists who come there, many have complained about the environmental damage there. The existence of illegal Olympic construction waste dumps. There is also damage to forests and contaminated river water and flows into the sea. Many of the tourists who come to Sochi complained that dust from construction that makes them feel disturbed.

Waste that pollutes seawater causes some dolphins to die on the coast of the city and many fish poisoned by polluted water. Other environmental damage is that there are trees that are dying. Such environmental damage will certainly disturb the residents who live around the Sochi region.

  • The Streets Are Full of Traffic Jams

Another thing that was also a complaint among local residents and tourists who came to the city of Sochi was the traffic jam in the city. The tourists who may be tired of the congestion in Moscow and other major cities in Russia think that if the traffic in Sochi will be better. But it turns out that city traffic there is not much different. Congestion also occurs in Sochi.

Many tourists who deliberately come to Sochi to avoid traffic jams in Moscow and take a leisurely stroll in the city park of Sochi. But that is only hope. Especially with the construction dust which of course can reduce the comfort of tourists and local residents.

  • Uncomfortable Conditions in The Corner of Sochi

In addition to areas around Olympic construction that make residents less comfortable, there are also other places that also have uncomfortable conditions. That place is a mountainous region in Sochi. The place that is the poorest Russian region in the country. Many villagers there who do not get the flow of water or gas.

And maybe there are still some of another side of Sochi Russia and sea-touching your feelings that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out another side of Sochi Russia, sea-touching your feelings.

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