6 Reasons to Visit Sochi as Part of Your Holiday

Who does not know about Sochi?, yes, it is one of football stadiums that is used to effectuate 2018 world cup. It does not only has a football stadium that be able to be visited, but it is also has a lot of interesting things to be known and be visited. Therefore, it is one […]

10 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is also known as Ekaterinburg. It is 4th big city in Russia that is located in the frontier of Europe and Asia. It is the famous city in Russia as a city that produces steels. Even though it has atmosphere of steel industry, it does not become a city that is not suitable to […]

The 5 Best Destinations in Russia For Spending Your Holiday

1. Moscow Kremlin Moscow also known as Moskwa is the capital of Russia that become the center of politics, economics, culture, and science. In Moscow, there are buildings that are surrounded by walls of fortress are called as Kremlin. So, Kremlin means “fortress” to block the invasion of enemies. Whereas, the building that is located […]

The History of Russian National Flag

Russia has a national flag. The pattern of it is striped tetragon with arrangement of colors of white, blue and red. Before having a national flag, it has changed its flag several times in which at the end of the 17th century this flag is used for the first time. So, it has a long […]