The Unique History of Russian Tea Producer, Sochi

Drinking tea is a very popular thing for many people. Especially when drinking tea in the afternoon. Many people spend their time with family while drinking tea together. It’s a fun activity, isn’t it?

Sometimes many tea lovers don’t know the history of the tea they enjoy. Even some of them are not aware of where the tea they drink is coming from. Because tea has many variants.

But have you heard about the tea that comes from Sochi in Russia? Maybe you are also curious about how the history of tea that can stand in the extreme winter of Russia. To add information to you, let’s look at the unique history of Russian tea producer, Sochi.

There are many countries that are the world’s tea production countries. Even though it is not yet included in the list of the largest tea production countries in the world, in fact tea has become one of the famous drinks in Russia. Even drinking tea in Russia has its own culture which is still practiced today.

Besides vodka, tea became one of the famous drinks in Russia. The tradition of drinking tea in Russia has been there since many years ago. Tea in Russia also varies. Starting from the local tea to tea coming from other countries. Russian citizens enjoy all kinds of tea in their country.

Russia is a country known for having extreme weather. Therefore, of course some people will think whether they can plant tea in such weather conditions. In fact, there is one region in Russia that is a tea producer in the country. The area is called Sochi.

Sochi in Russia is famous for the Olympic Games held there. Many people don’t think that from that region is the biggest producer of tea in Russia. There are some unique histories of Sochi as tea producers in Russia. Therefore, to add information to you, this article will discuss about the unique history of Russian tea producer, Sochi.

  • The Failure of Tea Plants Grows in Sochi Because Of The Cold Weather

To be able to grow tea so that it can be harvested in Russia is not easy. The plantation workers must find ways to make tea planted seedlings can survive in extreme winter in Russia. Of the many tea seeds were planted, there is little that can be harvested and sold on the market.

Not a few of the plantations in Sochi experienced crop failures because they were unable to survive in the winter. Many things have been attempted so that the planted tea seeds can survive and a lot of tea can be harvested. One of them is conducting a tea nursery experiment that can survive in the extreme winter of Russia.

  • Krasnodar Tea, Winter-Resistant Tea from Sochi

Having experienced several times of crop failure, Russian farmers finally found a way to be able to harvest tea in the middle of the extreme winter in Russia. A Ukrainian farmer named Judas Antonovich Koshman developed a tea hybrid technology that is able to survive in the winter. This technology was discovered around the early 1900s. The result of this hybrid tea is called Krasnodar Tea.

This technology brings great success. Thanks to this technology, Sochi was established as an important domestic supplier in the tea-drinking country. This can lead to a local tea Russians have their own charm. To continue to remind about the history of tea in Sochi, there is a tea museum that was built there.

  • Sochi Tea Is A Tea Planted in The Northernmost Part of The World

The success of Ukrainian farmers who created the technology so that tea plants can survive in the Russian winter provides new facts. Because the tea plant is grown in Sochi, this makes the tea into the tea plant that grows in the northernmost region of the world. The tea produced by this hybrid technology is a famous local tea in Russia.

Sochi is a city located in the Russian Krasnodar Krai. Therefore, hybrid teas planted in Sochi are named Krasnodar Tea. This is named according to the area where the tea is planted. Krasnodar tea also has benefits for health. This kind of tea is similar to herbal tea which is famous in China because it has health benefits.

  • Tea Planted in Sochi Has Fewer Pest Problems

This tea hybrid technique brings benefits also for the growth of the tea. Krasnodar tea which is grown in Sochi is said to have little pest disturbance because it can survive in cold weather. Cold weather in Russia can prevent insects, fungus growth and prevent diseases that attack plants.

Krasnodar tea grown in Sochi, are grown ecologically. It is also free of pesticides, the best tea is harvested mechanically. Krasnodar tea harvested is sold not only to local Russians but also internationally. Therefore, this tea can be enjoyed in countries other than Russia. Although you will get authentic taste when you taste it in Russia.

  • Tea History Tours for Visitors in Sochi Olympic Games

For tourists who visited Sochi to watch the Olympic Games, they also can take a tour that tells about the history of tea in Sochi, Russia. Through the tour they will visit the Tea Museum in Sochi. The museum tells the story of how tea can develop in Russia and also crop failures that have been experienced before. There also tells about the experiments of Ukrainian farmers who succeeded in developing hybrid technology so that the planted tea could survive in cold weather.

And maybe there are still some of the unique history of Russian tea producer, Sochi that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the unique history of Russian tea producer, Sochi.

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