Tea Time Rules in Russia that Should Be Considered 

Tea utilization in Russia started in the main portion of the 17th century. There are a few reports that Russian Tsar, Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov, got a few boxes of tea as a blessing from Chinese diplomats back in 1618.   Like in France, tea ended up prominent in Russia above all else as a mending drink, yet before long, […]

What Are The Differences Between Russian And Japanese Tea Culture?

Any nationality, nation, or country is characterized by the presence of an everyday drink that meets the needs of the population and is consistent with national culture, traditions and climatic features. For Russia, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts and Russian merchants, tea has become such a drink since the beginning of the 18th century. […]

The Unique History of Russian Tea Producer, Sochi

Drinking tea is a very popular thing for many people. Especially when drinking tea in the afternoon. Many people spend their time with family while drinking tea together. It’s a fun activity, isn’t it? Sometimes many tea lovers don’t know the history of the tea they enjoy. Even some of them are not aware of […]

How to Make Russian Famous Tea “Caravan”

Tea is a drink loved by many people. This drink can be enjoyed in various ways. If you like the taste of sweetness, you can add sugar into it. If you like it to be creamy, just put in some milk into your cup of tea. But if you do not like adding any of […]