How to Make DIY Russian Raw Vegan

Food has become a very interesting thing to talk about. Because as we know, there are so many types of food that we can find in this world. Starting from appetizers to desserts. There are also many ways we can do to make existing food ingredients into something delicious to enjoy. Whether it’s processed raw […]

3 Delicious Recipes to Make DIY Russian Borscht

Borscht is not considered a native Russian dish because the origin of borscht is unknown; assumingly it was first cooked in the Kievan Rus territories. It is the common dish for Eastern Slavs, especially South-Eastern ones, the Ukrainians. Many Russian people agree that the best borscht is the Ukranian one which is rich with garlic, […]

5 Simple Recipes of Non-Alcoholic Russian Beverages

Are you trying to pass on the booze and currently look for non-alcoholic beverages that will more than make up for it? While some people decide to decline alcoholic beverages all year round, the practice of giving up the sauce for a stint is very popular. It seems the lure of saving their wallet, trimming their […]

3 Most Delicious Russian Recipes For Exquisite Dinners

Russia is also being a destination for the new wedding couple to have their honeymoon. It’s because Russia has all in one package for vacation and make a memorable honeymoon. Beside, this country also has a beautiful culture, beautiful country and of course delicious and various traditional Cuisine. If you are in Russia for honeymoon […]