Aspic vs. Kholodets; What Are the Differences?

There is a lot of food in one country that has a similar form to food in another country. That could be due to giving a different name even though the same type of food. People can think of foods as different foods, right? Maybe one of those foods is your favorite food.

Do you know about similar foods but have different names from your home country? Are the two foods different?

Similar foods but not the same can also be found in Russian food. The food in question is Kholodets. The food at first glance will look like Aspic. But, did you know about the differences?

To find out more about Aspic and Kholodets, let’s see about Aspic vs. Kholodets; what are the differences?

Every country in the world has very diverse food, of course. But among these foods, there are also many types of food that are actually similar. It’s just that many people think that foods are different because of different names.

Foods that look similar also sometimes have a slightly different taste because of how to cook in each different country. Even the way to serve the food can also be different. Although similar, these foods may have several differences.

Many factors cause the two foods that are actually the same to look a little different. Whether it’s from the ingredients used, spices are added and others. That will make the food taste a little different too, right?

One of the countries that have a similar food with other foods is Russia. There is a traditional food called Kholodets. The food is said to be similar to a food called Aspic.

But actually, are these two foods really the same food? Or do these two foods actually have differences even though they are similar?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about Aspic and Kholodets. And you are certainly wondering and curious about is there a difference between these two foods. To answer your curiosity, let’s see about Aspic vs. Kholodets; what are the differences?

  • About Aspic and Kholodets

Before knowing the difference between Aspic and Kholodets, it’s good to know in advance about Aspic and Kholodets itself. By knowing about these two foods, of course it will be easier for us to see if there are differences between these Aspic and Kholodets. And you can also find many similarities in both foods.

Aspic is a dish which processes the basic ingredients in such a way as to make the processed meat broth turn into jelly. This dish can be served in a sweet taste (usually using fruit as the basic ingredient) and also savory taste (using meat as the basic ingredient). The way to cook Aspic that has a sweet and savory taste is certainly different. Aspic is served cold.

While Kholodets or also known as the Russian meat jelly is a traditional dish of Russia. This dish is usually served in the New Year or Christmas celebrations there. When you will enjoy Kholodets, it will be very suitable to be an appetizer and can also be the best vodka companion. Kholodets is also usually served in cold conditions.

  • Types of Meat to Make Aspic and Kholodets

Aspic and Kholodets are two types of foods that use meat as a basic ingredient for making broth. But not all types of meat can be used to make both foods. There are a few exceptions to the use of certain types of meat for one of the two foods.

When you want to make an Aspic, you can use almost any type of meat available. For example, fish meat and poultry meat. These meats are rarely used as ingredients to make broth, but they have indeed been used. And also, you need additional gelatin, this is intended to make the broth that you make can turn into Aspic.

Unlike when you want to make Kholodets. Only certain meats that can be used to make broth. The most common are beef and pork. This is because the broth produced from both types of meat can turn into jelly by itself.

  • The Use of Gelatin in Aspic and Kholodets

Aspic and Kholodets are foods that are both served in the form of cold jelly. To make broth that was originally liquid turned into jelly, of course there are special cooking methods. One of them is using the help of adding jelly in the broth.

Aspic is a type of food that can use almost all types of meat as a basic ingredient for making broth. Therefore, there are several types of meat that require the addition of gelatin so that the broth can turn into jelly. Then Aspic also uses other types of ingredients so that the addition of gelatin is indeed very necessary.

Kholodets which only use certain types of meat do not really need the addition of gelatin in the broth. This is because the meat broth used can turn into jelly by itself. The use of gelatin is usually still found when buying Kholodets in supermarkets or similar places.

  • So, What’s the Difference Between Aspic and Kholodets?

So, what’s the difference between Aspic and Kholodets? Basically, these two types of food are similar foods. These foods using the same meat as the main ingredient in making stock. It could also be said that if Kholodets is part or another version of Aspic.

Aspic itself consists of various types that are spread throughout the world. One type of Aspic in Russia is Kholodets. It became a traditional food there by relatively similar cooking methods.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the differences between Aspic and Kholodets that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about Aspic vs. Kholodets; what are the differences? Are you getting interested in trying the food?

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