All You Need to Know About Russian Meat Jelly Before You Eat It

If we are talking about food, of course there will be no end. There are a lot of unique food that exists in every country in the world. And I think, there are still many foods that you don’t know and have never tasted before.

That unique food will make you think a little before you try it. Because I think there are some people who feel strange about the food but it is very common in their home country. One of them is a unique food from Russia called Russian meat jelly.

Meat mixed with jelly? Are you kidding about that food? The answer is no. The food was indeed there. Are you curious about that food? If so, let’s look at all you need to know about Russian meat jelly before you eat it.

Everyone has their own taste in choosing the food they want to eat. In fact, sometimes there are some people who dare to eat unique foods that they have never eaten at all. Although the food may look unusual to be consumed.

Each country in the world has unique foods that look unusual to tourists, but are common to local residents. The food actually has the usual ingredients but has different cooking methods so that it becomes a unique food. Are you among those who like to eat unique food?

Talking about the unique foods, Russia also had food like that. The name of this unique food from Russia is Russian meat jelly. I’m sure there are some of you who don’t believe it when you see or hear the name of this food.

Russian meat jelly does sound a little unusual to some people. But it is food that you can find when you are in Russia at certain celebrations. What is Russian meat jelly actually? For those of you who are wondering and curious about this food, in this article we will discuss about all you need to know about Russian meat jelly before you eat it.

  • About Russian Meat Jelly

Russian meat jelly or also known as Kholodets is a traditional meat dish from Russia. This is a dish that is an important part of a winter holiday party. Russian meat jelly is the right appetizer and also the best vodka companion.

Russian meat jelly or Kholodets are made from meat broth and chunks of meat in it which are cooled down to become like jelly. Usually this is rectangular or can also adjust the container used when making it. To make Russian meat jelly, you need a long time for the best results.

  • The Main Ingredients in The Russian Meat Jelly

If you see from the name, of course you think that Russian meat jelly is made from meat ingredients and also jelly (gelatin). But, in fact it is not like that. This traditionally-made dish does not actually use jelly in its main ingredients.

The main ingredients of Russian meat jelly are meat and meat broth. Meat that can be used to make Russian meat jelly is usually beef or pork, but some are made using chicken. From the meat, it will be made into broth and then given a mixture of other ingredients. When stored in the refrigerator, the broth will become jelly by itself.

  • How To Enjoy Russian Meat Jelly

There are many ways to enjoy the Russian meat jelly. You can enjoy this dish as a side dish when you drink Russian vodka. Some are choosing to enjoy Russian meat jelly with strong horseradish sauce or Russian hot mustard.

Russian meat jelly is served cold after being stored in the refrigerator. Whatever companion ingredients are used to enjoy this dish, you can adjust it to your taste. Or you can also ask advice from local residents or your Russian friends about how to best to enjoy this Russian meat jelly.

  • How To Store The Russian Meat Jelly

Because of Russian meat jelly served in cold conditions, you can save this dish in your refrigerator. Especially if you buy Russian meat jelly that is sold in supermarkets, it can last for up to a month. This is because the Russian meat jelly is also a tasty souvenir for tourists who come to visit Russia. To be able to store your remaining Russian meat jelly is not a difficult thing. All you need is a refrigerator.

  • How to Distinguish Traditional Russian Meat Jelly and Modern Russian Meat Jelly

When you want to enjoy Russian meat jelly in Russia, you can get a slightly different type of dish. That was caused by the ingredients used to make Russian meat jelly at first. Maybe this would be easier if likened this dish by calling it the traditional version of Russian meat jelly and modern version of Russian meat jelly.

As we know, traditionally made Russian meat jelly does not need the help of jelly to make jelly in the broth. The broth that has been cooked in various ways will turn into jelly by itself. Whereas modern Russian meat jelly now adds gelatin to help turn broth into jelly. This modern type will usually be found in supermarkets.

  • The Right Time to Taste the Russian Meat Jelly

If you want to enjoy the traditional version of the Russian meat jelly, you can come visit Russia in the winter or when the celebration of Christmas and New Year. This is a dish that is usually served at celebrations. You will easily find and taste the traditional version of Russian meat jelly that you cannot easily find every day.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Russian meat jelly before you eat it that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the all you need to know about Russian meat jelly before you eat it.

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