Why Do Several Russian Food Recipes Contain Smetana

One of the things that we cannot miss when we are traveling is to taste the local cuisine of the city/country we are visiting. Why? Because each country has its traditional foods that display unique characteristics we will not find in other foods. For example, is Indian foods. The first thing pops up in our […]

3 Healthy Russian Foods Which Are Made By Fruits

Food is one of human’s basic needs. We need it regularly as the source of our energy and nutrients. But, we can also deny that there are many unhealthy foods that we can find easily everywhere. This kind of food usually tastes good, even better than the healthy ones, and does not cost much. Even […]

You Are Not A Part Of Russian Before You Taste Kholodets

One way we can do to learn about the culture of a certain country is by tasting its food. Since food associates closely with the culture, we will find a different kind of food in a different country. For example, when you go to Thailand, you cannot miss tasting the famous Tom Yam. This hot […]

Easter Cake In Russia Should Be This Year Resolution: How To Make Kulich?

When we talk about celebrating a certain holiday, we cannot leave talking about the dishes. The food served during the celebration is a part of the tradition. You sit with your family, enjoy the traditional meals together while celebrating the holiday. Nice, isn’t it? 🙂 Take Christmas for example. When the family gathers, you will […]

Despite Russian Easter Celebrated Happily, Our Tummy Needs Their 3 Easter Food Version

When we talk about Russia, there are many things about its culture and people which are very interesting to talk about. Talking about Russians, data shows that the religions show the sign of diversity. There are not only people who believe and practice the religion of Russian Orthodox and Islam but also other religions such […]