Aspic vs. Kholodets; What Are the Differences?

There is a lot of food in one country that has a similar form to food in another country. That could be due to giving a different name even though the same type of food. People can think of foods as different foods, right? Maybe one of those foods is your favorite food. Do you […]

All You Need to Know About Russian Meat Jelly Before You Eat It

If we are talking about food, of course there will be no end. There are a lot of unique food that exists in every country in the world. And I think, there are still many foods that you don’t know and have never tasted before. That unique food will make you think a little before […]

You Are Not A Part Of Russian Before You Taste Kholodets

One way we can do to learn about the culture of a certain country is by tasting its food. Since food associates closely with the culture, we will find a different kind of food in a different country. For example, when you go to Thailand, you cannot miss tasting the famous Tom Yam. This hot […]