Russian Fast Food Which Contain Less Calory

What comes to your mind when I say about fast food? You will certainly imagine burgers, pizza, and various other types of fast food. You can easily find these foods because the franchise that sells them already has branches everywhere.

Every country in the world has a type of fast food that is becoming popular there. But this fast food often has very high calorie content. People will think twice before enjoying it.

Did you know if there is fast food that contains less calories? Russian fast food is one example. To provide additional information for you about this meal, let’s see about the Russian fast food contain less calory.

Foods that we consume daily certainly have different levels of calories. There are foods that have more calories and there are also foods that have less calories. Not only food that we cook ourselves, but also fast food.

Fast food is sometimes the food most avoided by people who are dieting. This is because many people assume that fast food has very high calories. Almost everyone in the world thinks so.

But actually, there are also fast foods that have less calories. It is spread all over the world, including in Russia.

Do you know if in Russia there is fast food that has less calories? Or have you ever tried typical fast food in Russia? In Russia, you will easily find typical Russian fast food in a franchise called Teremok. I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. Therefore, this article will discuss about the Russian fast food contain less calory.

  • Russian Sausage

Who doesn’t know sausages? A food that has a lot of fans from all ages. It includes a typical sausage in Russia. The Russian sausage has its own characteristics when compared with the sausages in general.

Russian sausages can be enjoyed in various ways, for example boiled, fried or other. This fast food has calories starting from 150 cal. If you don’t want your Russian sausages to turn into high-calorie fast food, you should pay attention to their side dishes. This Russian sausage is a fast food that you can eat anytime.

  • Olivier Salad with Some Exception

One type of food that is most often searched for when mentioning less calorie foods is salad. In Russia, there is a very famous salad there called Olivier salad. This Russian salad is also considered a popular fast food there.

This Olivier Salad has calories starting from 200 cal. If you want to eat a salad to be less calorie, you have to make a few exceptions in the salad ingredients you use. You can multiply the vegetable variant, maybe. You can get this food if you visit Teremok.

  • Russian Blini

One of the other foods included in the fast food in Russia is the Russian Blini. This is a Russian food that has a similar shape to pancakes and crepes. There are many variants in enjoying this Blini. It’s not as thick as a pancake but it’s not as thin as crepes.

Russian Blini has calories starting from 50 cal. This number of calories will depend on the ingredients and the side dish you use. Be sure to choose the type of ingredients that does not make your Blini a high calorie fast food.

  • Borscht

Another food that is also common to be fast food in Russia is Borscht. Borscht is a kind of sour soup food which is a common food in Russia. This is a soup that has a distinctive red color because it is made from beets.

Borscht has calories starting from 80 cal. The number of calories available will adjust to the additional ingredients you use to eat this food. You can choose Borscht which only consists of vegetables so as not to increase calorie levels, because actually it can be added to meat or fish. This food can also be easily found in Teremok.

  • Russian Kasha

Literally, Kasha can actually be interpreted as buckwheat. But in Russia, Kasha is food in the form of porridge made from buckwheat grains. This is included in one of the national foods in Russia. You can enjoy Kasha in sweet or savory flavors.

Russian kasha has calories starting at 155 cal. The number of calories in these foods will adjust to the ingredients you add to it. Included with the butter. Because Russian Kasha is generally served with butter. As you know that butter has high calories.

  • Ponchiki

You must be familiar with donuts, right? This is indeed one of the most popular fast food. Especially when you’re traveling. In Russia too, food called Ponchiki is also included in the popular fast food there.

Ponchiki is slightly different with donuts in general. It has no topping or filling. Even so, you can add a little powdered sugar or eat it immediately while it’s warm. This donut has calories starting at 198 cal. You should pay attention to the amount of Ponchiki you eat so that your calories are not high.

  • Syrniki

Syrniki is a popular food in Russia. There, this food can also be included in fast food. Syrniki is a kind of pancake food that is usually enjoyed with jam topping, sour cream or fruits.

Syrniki has calories starting at 88 cal. You should pay attention to the amount of Syrniki that you consume so that your calories are not high. You should also pay attention to the type of topping that you add so as not to make the calories in your Syrniki become higher.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the Russian fast food contain less calory that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the Russian fast food contain less calory. So, have you become interested in trying Russian fast food that has less calories?

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