Russian Food Which Are Similar to Typical Foods in Other Countries

As you well know, there are so many types of food that exists in every country in the world. Foods that exist in one country could also have had similar food in other countries. Although the way to enjoy and additional ingredients in the food may be a little different.

When you eat typical food in a country, you might remember one of the foods in your country or in another country. Whether in terms of taste, in serving food, to the ingredients for making food.

Including food in Russia. In Russia there are several types of special foods that are also similar to typical foods in other countries. Do you know about it? To add information for you, let’s see about the Russian food which are similar to typical foods in other countries.

A food can certainly have many types of variants. The various types of variants are spread throughout the world. Either there are adjustments to the food ingredients to the exact same but have different names. So, people will easily recognize that the food they eat is similar to food they have seen in other countries.

Every country has at least one type of food that has similarities with food in other countries. Neither the typical food in Russia. There are some foods that at first glance similar to typical foods in other countries. Some are truly similar and some have only the similarity of ingredients.

Do you know about it? I think there are still some of you who don’t know about Russian food that is similar to food in this other country. And you are curious and wondering about it, is not it? Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about the Russian food which are similar to typical foods in other countries.

  • Blini with Pancake and Crepes

Blini is a Russian food that is very similar to pancakes when you first see it. And some are saying if Blini also similar to crepes. But of course, there is little difference between the Russian Blini with crepes and pancakes.

The most obvious difference between Blini with crepes and pancakes in general is its thickness. This Blini is very thin but not as thin as crepes, it’s also not as thick as a pancake. Blini diameter size was also made to adjust to the diameter of the pan used.

  • Pelmeni with Dumpling

Pelmeni is a typical food from Russia and it is one of the most popular foods there. Many say that Pelmeni is similar to dumplings. This food size is made for the size of one bite.

Pelmeni might be said to be a Russian dumpling. The thing that distinguishes Pelmeni with dumplings is the filling of meat and fish used. Filling in the Russian dumplings is given additional seasonings to give a special flavor.

  • Shashlik with Satay

Shashlik is a popular food in Russia. Many people say that Shashlik is similar to satay. This is because Shashlik is a meat dish cooked by stabbing and burning marinated meat.

The small difference between Shashlik and satay is that Shashlik often adds chunks of vegetables between the pieces of meat. If you want to enjoy this food, you will more easily find it in street vendors than in restaurants.

  • Kholodets with Aspic

Kholodets is a unique food from Russia. This is also known as Rusian meat jelly. Because it is included in the type of meat jelly, many say that these Kholodets are very similar to Aspic.

Although it has many similarities, but Kholodets and Aspic also have some differences. Aspic can use broth made from almost all types of meat. While only certain types of meat that can be used to make broth which it is the basic ingredient for making Kholodets.

  • Morozhenoe with Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream? If so, maybe you should try Morozhenoe. Many say if this is the Russian version of ice cream. Certainly, there is little difference between Morozhenoe with ice cream in general.

The main point of difference between Morozhenoe and regular ice cream is Morozhenoe made with pure milk. This will make it taste very creamy even though the price is very cheap. Although there are many types of ice cream in Russia, the taste of original Russian ice cream has many fans too.

  • Napoleon Cake with Mille-feuille

Napoleon Cake is one of the popular cakes originating from Russia. Many say that this cake is very similar to Mille-feuille. This is a cake arranged in layers.

Napoleon Cake is a layered cake that is sold in the form of a triangle. What makes Napoleon Cake a little different from Mille-feuille is that there are many layers in making the cake. Then Napoleon Cake has a garnish in the form of cake crumbs on the cake.

  • Vareniki with Dumpling

Vareniki is a popular food in Russia similar to Pelmeni. Because these foods are similar to Pelmeni, Vareniki is also included in foods similar to dumplings. It has a different size and type of filling with Pelmeni.

If Pelmeni or dumplings are generally filled with seasoned minced meat, then Vareniki has the contents of cherries, cheese and also strawberries. But some are filling it with vegetables. Usually these foods are enjoyed with sour cream or melted butter.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the Russian food which are similar to typical foods in other countries that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the Russian food which are similar to typical foods in other countries. So, are there other foods in your country that are similar to Russian typical foods?

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