What Is The Best Time To Visit Krasnaya Polyana? Here’s The Recommendation

There are many interesting tourists destination you can find in Russia. Among many places, Krasnaya Polyana is one of them. This urban locality is located in the City of Sochi. This beautiful place is the home to the Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Resort. The ski resort is very popular because of its part as the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as well as the world cup Alpine.

Once you are going to Krasnaya Polyana, you will see how beautiful this place is. It has the Caucasus Mountains as the background. Initially, there was a transportation issue in this area. But thanks to the Olympics that took place 5 years ago, a railway line was built. With much better access ever since the resort is is keep on improving. There are many chalets, hotels, and restaurants now in the area. For people who want to gain new experience in skiing, they can try heli-skiing. For beginners, they can still ski in the not-too-dense birch forest.

Now that we know that Krasnaya Polyana is a great place to go on vacation, we can put it on our list of places-to-go-to. So far we just found out about its great ski resort but there must be many interesting activities to participate in during the other seasons. So, what is the best time to visit Krasnaya Polyana? Here’s the recommendation.

Visit Krasnaya Polyana

We have talked a little bit about Krasnaya Polyana and this far we only know that this place has a great Olympics-level ski resort. But, for sure, winter is not the only best time to visit Krasnaya Polyana. You can spend your time there both during the winter and the summer. Here are the recommendations for activities you can do!

  • Exercise

When people ask “what is the best time to visit Krasnaya Polyana?” Here’s the recommendation. Summer. For those of you who like to do an outdoor activity that has a touch of exercise in it, there are some options to do. You can go horse riding. No need to be worried if you never did it before because there will be an experienced instructor that will accompany you. But, if you want to be able to explore the mountain more, you can ride your bikes with your family. There are bicycle routes provided and it is very comfortable for beginners. You can enjoy the sight while riding and breathing the fresh air.

Some of you must be a fan of full-of-adrenaline activity. At the mountain, you can try the suspension bridge. The instructor will help you to put on some safety gear then you can try to walk along the bridge. That will be the most fun experience you will ever enjoy!

  • Sight Seeing

There are many parts of the mountain that you can explore too. There is The Yeti Park where you can see both the traces of Yeti and the objects from its life. If you are going with small children, you can take them to find treasures on the gold mine in this park too. There is also a fixed rope route where you can test your strength.

If you want to admire the view of nature in a relaxing way, you should go to the Stone Pillar. On top of it, there is an observation deck where you can sit around and admire the sight. You have to walk pretty far to get to this spot but it will be worth the beautiful scenery of nature.

Do you still want to see more areas of the mountain? Get into the cableway is the answer. There are some cableways you can find on the mountain, each of them is different based on its height. Just grab your favorite beverage and ride the cableway. You will be mesmerized by the mountain’s beauty.

  • Russian Bathhouse

You might think that this is just a bathhouse. But, no. This bathhouse is located 2.256 meters above the sea which means you will enjoy the bath while having the best view. You can sit in the bathroom while enjoying some herbal tea given by the facility. You can imagine how the fresh air of the mountain and the hot beverage will help you to relax your body. Once you are done, you will be energized and ready to enjoy the rest of the day!

  • Animal Lovers

For animal lovers, there is a Sovarium at the mountain which is a place where owl inhabits. You can also find a deer farm. There, the guide will share many pieces of information about the animals. There are even some shows and entertainment centers you can visit. At the end of the visit, you can get some photos with the deer taken by a professional so you can remember the good memory very well.

So, the next time someone asks you “what is the best time to visit Krasnaya Polyana?” Here’s the recommendation. Go there during summer and enjoy your time under the sun there!

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