5 Top Things That You Didn’t Know About People of Caucasus

Maybe you have heard about the Caucasus Mountains, or maybe you haven’t. It’s a mountain system that borders the continents of Europe and Asia, with majestic peaks, lakes and forest areas. This mountain range also lies between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and is home to some of Europe’s tallest mountains. If you’re wondering […]

Top 7 Things Worth to Know About Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain range located in West Asia, with the Black Sea and the Caspain Sea on either side. Not only is it the highest mountains in Europe, the Caucasus Mountains are also the natural borders of Europe and Asia. Its beautiful forests, Alpine lakes and snow-capped peaks are enough to entice […]

9 Most Interesting Things You Should Know About Scandinavian Vodka

Russian people and vodka, the two things that are almost always interconnected. How often can we think about vodka without envisioning Russians and their ever-present clinking bottles? Although vodka can be made nearly anywhere, the world’s best types of vodka comes from Scandinavian countries. Slavic nations, including Russia, too are considered unrivaled in their vodka […]