Why the Peak of Elbrus Is So Deadly For Mountain Climbers

Mountains have always been mystifying and inviting. Humans, since the earliest of time, are always on the missions to conquer the tops of these giants to for different reasons. People who regularly climb mountains will tell you that it is addictive, like there is a magical call to them. If you are a climber, then […]

5 Dangerous Places in Russia to Avoid At All Cost!

People travel for many different purposes. Some to refresh themselves, some to taste adventure, start a new stage of life, find the purpose of their existences, and so on. For these reasons, people choose to go to contrasting places. Them who look for leisure time would likely visit popular tourist destinations deemed safe and fun […]

6 Fascinating Things You Can Do In Mount Elbrus

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some people like to sing, dance, adventure, or shop. And usually they will spend their vacation time doing their hobbies. And for those of you who have a hobby of adventure, then exploring nature must be your hobby. And you must be very interested in exploring the beauty of the […]

7 Facts About Mount Elbrus – The Highest Mountain in Europe

It’s endless if we talk about Russian nature. All landscapes are available there. Beautiful beaches, amazing karst caves, charming spits, beautiful forests, and mountains that truly fascinate. Besides Maly Semyachik Volcano, which is quite popular, Russia also has another stratovolcano volcano that is no less impressive. Namely Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Mount […]

4 Most Popular Mountains In Russia Voted by Tourists

Russia, a place where endless beauty of nature. A vast land ever ready to be explored by thrill-seeking adventurers. Climbers and hikers especially would love the mountains of this country. In addition to amazing landscape, it offers boundless adventure and achievement to conquer these mountains. After gathering studies on mountains in Russia, please check out […]

4 Useful Facts From The Tallest Mountains in Russia for Climbers

Russia, home to many tallest mountains that contributed to the beauty of this country. In the area of Caucasus Mountains, is famous for Russia great plains. It has a widespread of around 1,200 kilometers starting from the East until the West. It seated between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. In this post, we […]